Why is scanware QI the future?

Our advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based inspection software QI is revolutionizing the way we monitor production lines and detect defects. With this innovative technology, we provide faster and more accurate inspections. QI represents Quality Intelligence and is based on Artificial Intelligence. The base of this intelligence is the combination of experience-based

User-friendly inspection for pharma packaging

For the second year since joining the PPMA, German vision system specialist scanware electronic is exhibiting at the PPMA Show in Birmingham. This year’s main exhibit will feature the solutions along an entire line that the company offers – starting with pinhole detection, through to colour blister inspection, and print

Bulk Inspection Reloaded

Inspection specialist scanware is exhibiting their newest generation of bulk inspection system, SPECTRA BULK QI, at PackExpo. Its new user interface is even more intuitive, but the heart of the new software is a modular structure combined with algorithms that make a lot of decisions for the user. Based on

Inspection solutions for the food industry

scanware is all about the pills? Maybe a few decades ago. But our full range has a lot to offer for companies packaging food. Have a peek into our inspection pantry: The flexible and intuitive code inspection systems can identify barcodes etc. on packaging, for example on pouches, stick packs and

Serialisation and Aggregation of COVID Vaccine

Since early in 2022, scanware electronic GmbH has been providing track & trace solutions for the Dermapharm group along a packaging line of a COVID-19 vaccine. The steps include serialisation of the folding box containing the vials, aggregation of bundles and finally, on the pallet. The project was given the

Flow of the packaging process

When we say we meet your inspection needs ‘all along the line’, you can see here what we mean. Every step of the packaging flow is covered by a scanware solution. On top of that, it can all be pulled together with IMPERA data handling. Contact us for a personal

The advantages of the scanware service

At the hub of scanware service is a specialist team of engineers with a collective experience at scanware of over 100 years. We pride ourselves on our continued service levels and ability to support even our oldest systems. Whilst components might become obsolete, an upgrade path is always available. Want

Pore Detection PATERA FOCON Foil

Aluminium is a pricey material and again scanware is supporting you to protect the environment and lowering costs. Since 2000, scanware has provided pore detection units traded as scanware FOCON, now part of the PATERA line of primary packaging inspection. After more than 20 years of successful use worldwide, experience

News brochure 2022

What a year 2022 has been, full of challenges, following COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. While saving resources and providing long-lasting systems has always been a focus for scanware, a whole range of new options is opening up, fuelled by the unexpected challenges and digital opportunities. We invite you

Apprenticeship café in the Schuldorf Bergstraße

On 29.11.2022, the Schuldorf Bergstraße in Seeheim-Jugenheim organised a traineeship event in which scanware participated. Companies, including scanware, presented their companies as well as a wide range of apprenticeships. This took place in the form of workshops, for which the students could individually register themselves according to their personal preferences.

scanware is a full member of PPMA

scanware is pleased to announce that it is now a full member of the PPMA and will be exhibiting at this year’s show in Birmingham’s NEC.  Follow scanware on LinkedIn for more details as they are posted.    

scanware in motion

With our virtual running campaign “scanware in motion” we would like to cover as many steps as possible together as team “scanware” from 01.05.2022 to 31.07.2022. Our goal is to run a common distance of approx. 58,000 kilometres. During the “journey”, we will stop at our representatives in various countries

scanware care

scanware electronic GmbH donates 2.800 € to Aktion Deutschland Hilft for the people in Ukraine.

Detection Performance On Printed Capsules

For many years scanware has been one of the leading companies in vision inspection technology. But make no mistake, we have our fair share of competitors and finding our way through pricing battles and breaking into areas where we are not so well known is not always easy. However, when

scanware Business Development

We are proud to announce our new business partners. With this step scanware expands the direct sales and service network in several countries. ATECNA: Portugal bienfait: Belgium, Netherlands COMAQ CASOL: Spain CRAFTECH: Poland Ferry: Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Romania PACK ENGINEERING: Denmark, Finland, Norway,