The great variety of products sold in the food and cosmetics industry alone is impressive. A wide variety of materials, for example cardboard packaging and films, serve to protect the products, but thanks to design and attractive printing they also increase the consumer’s incentive to buy. From boxes for perfume bottles to bubble wrap for the protection of fragile goods to ecological food packaging, the optimal packaging materials are chosen according to requirements. In addition to the packaging material, folding cartons and co. are legally differentiated according to their purpose.


Packaging types

  • Sales packaging: Packaging for the end consumer in which the goods are contained, e.g. folding box
  • Outer packaging: Packaging from which the consumer takes the sales packaging, e.g. display case.
  • Transport packaging: Packaging for transporting the goods that does not reach the consumer, e.g. shipping carton.
  • Service packaging: outer packaging for handing over the goods to the consumer, e.g. takeaway cartons.


Solutions along the entire packaging line

Regardless of the type of packaging, labelling is almost invariably applied to the packaging, which then has to be inspected. Here scanware offers producers and packagers in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the food and cosmetics industry comprehensive inspection systems for all conceivable requirements, from code reading to complex data links for track & trace.

Packages inspected by scanware

For serialisation and aggregation, the codes on the bundles are inspected.

Prints are printed and verified. If necessary, sealing takes place.

Here, the aggregation of production data takes place at pallet level.

For aggregation, the coding on shipping boxes and bundles is inspected.

Coding on pouch packaging is inspected for quality assurance.

Coding is verified. In addition, aluminium foil can be inspected for pores.

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