Sachets and Stickpacks

Packaging - Sachets and Stickpacks

A wide variety of products are packaged in sachets and stick packs in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries, from sugar to water-soluble painkillers to face masks. These are labelled with various labels, repackaged and ultimately end up with the consumer. To ensure correctness and integrity, sachets and stick packs are inspected by inspection systems.

Recommended systems for inspection of sachets and stick packs

Labelling on outer and final packaging is usually done using barcodes and plain text. Therefore, the SIGNUM HR high-resolution marking control system is the ideal solution. On the one hand, a large film width can be implemented by installing several cameras. Alternatively, particularly light cameras can be used that move parallel to the printer and inspect the legibility directly after the print.

In addition to the marking, the aluminium foil to be filled on the corresponding presses can also be inspected using Pinhole  Detection PATERA FOCON before filling.

Highlights of print inspection

Packaging materials in the ongoing packaging process can be inspected with the powerful, format-free greyscale system for checking the print image (OCR). Functional range and comfort for the operator meet the highest demands at high evaluation speed.

High-quality hardware, integrated illumination and the software developed by scanware make this marking control the best of its kind.

  • Fast evaluation through intelligent character library
  • Automatic rotational position detection
  • Multiple camera system for the inspection of large print images
  • Automatic learning run and error analysis in the format test as well as mask shifting

Test criteria

  • Presence, completeness, legibility and quality of prints
  • Codes, plain text, logos, pictograms

Highlights of the Pinhole Detection

The Pore Detection Unit offers optoelectronic detection of pores and cracks in aluminium foils up to 1 m wide, even at high speeds of up to 1.5m / second. The detection range of 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 μm is possible.

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Further packaging from scanware

For serialisation and aggregation, the codes on the bundles are inspected.

Here, the aggregation of production data takes place at pallet level.

Coding on pouch packaging is inspected for quality assurance.

For aggregation, the coding on shipping boxes and bundles is inspected.

Coding is verified. In addition, aluminium foil can be inspected for pores.

Prints are printed and verified. If necessary, sealing takes place.