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Folding Boxes

Packaging - Folding boxes

The classic folding box is the most widely used product packaging for medicines worldwide. But tubes and flacons, for example, are also packaged in folding boxes in the food and cosmetics industries. Cardboard boxes are an inexpensive material that offers great potential for individualisation and design in colour thanks to modern printing techniques. Various closure schemes, perforations and pre-cut flaps are common. The size and shape of the boxes is also absolutely flexible, from small folding boxes for ear drops to packaging for large glass bottles. Even individual folding boxes can be realised – there are hardly any limits to customer recognition. However, DIN formats are common in the medical sector.

Recommended systems for inspection of folding boxes

The print on folding boxes can be inspected in the running packaging process by code and plain text inspection systems. Here scanware offers an extremely powerful marking control system which can inspect the lot and date on cartoners in the running process, for example.

However, in terms of counterfeit protection, more than just legibility is relevant. The data printed on folding boxes is serialised and is also usually aggregated. For this purpose scanware offers flexible and high-quality track & trace solutions and the associated data management.


Highlights of the SIGNUM HR print inspection

  • Powerful, format-free greyscale system for the inspection of printed images (OCR/OCV), e.g. product labelling, logos and Data Matrix codes
  • Can also be used on leaflets, labels, foils, cartons, petri dishes, tubes etc.
  • High speed, integrated illumination and outstanding software
  • Fast evaluation thanks to intelligent character library and automatic rotational position detection
  • All common coding standards are implemented


Highlights of the CAPA MV mark & verify station

  • Folding boxes are printed with codes and characters and their legibility and correctness are directly inspected with the SIGNUM HR marking control system
  • Modular, robust, mobile and ergonomic design
  • High positioning accuracy of the print due to precise carton guidance
  • Integration of the most common printers on the market
  • The CAPA MV station can be extended by the
  • Tamper Evidence station CAPA TE for tamper-evident sealing of folding boxes. Here, the printed folding boxes are sealed with transparent, luminophore labels.


Highlights of the IMPERA data manager

  • Serialisation and aggregation as well as rework
  • Functionality can be reduced to the essential modules
  • Workstation-specific, configurable, intuitive graphical user interface
  • Flexible Level 3 connections
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Further packaging from scanware

For serialisation and aggregation, the codes on the bundles are inspected.

Here, the aggregation of production data takes place at pallet level.

Coding on pouch packaging is inspected for quality assurance.

For aggregation, the coding on shipping boxes and bundles is inspected.

Coding is verified. In addition, aluminium foil can be inspected for pores.

Prints are printed and verified. If necessary, sealing takes place.