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Data management and packaging inspection for safe production

scanware equips complete production lines and sets standards in the food industry with the packaging control and line management software used on the entire line. Ensuring packaging quality and avoiding serial defects is done before or during the packaging process without having to remove the contents.

Data management means transparency and assurance of the production and supply chain. These characteristics are successfully implemented by scanware by establishing smooth communication between the ERP systems used and the respective production control system. With the management software, all order-related data of the packaging materials is transmitted to the respective printers and to the other components used in the process – a seamless production and supply chain is guaranteed with scanware.

Quality assurance of product mixtures

Multi-stage inspection of labelling on outer packaging to ensure correct contents in end products. Products consisting of several raw materials are mixed and filled into final packaging. The correct loading of the ingredients as well as the markings on individual packages are checked with the scanware Code Inspection
inspected. In this process, the batch data of the various ingredients are also assigned to the end products and the data is permanently stored. During the process, the correctness of the data on the final packaging can also be ensured, for example in the case of productions for different countries.

Pore detection for food packaging

Optoelectronic detection of pores and cracks in aluminium foils up to 1,000 mm wide. The system can be supplied with sensitivities of 25, 50 or 100 μm. In addition to the classic application for formed cups, the inspection of unformed cover foils for production quality inspection is gaining in importance.

Aluminium foil on thermoformers or stick pack machines is inspected for pores and microcracks before or after forming. This increases the productivity of the line, as faulty packaging material is not filled in the first place.

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Print inspection of packaging materials

High-resolution image processing in greyscale is used to inspect the printed image of characters (OCR/OCV), graphic symbols and codes on
products and packaging material. A large number of characters and codes can be inspected simultaneously. By cascading cameras, it is possible to inspect not only the small field area but also the complete film printing, for example on bag machines.

Code inspection of the Packaging Material

The print inspection is used to check packaging materials by means of one- and two-dimensional codes on packaging material. The intelligent cameras can be operated via a laptop, at a separate operating terminal or in a line operating concept. Up to twelve code readers can be controlled simultaneously via the user interface.