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Best hardware for proven longevity

The quality of the systems is scanware’s top priority. In order to be able to guarantee this, the development of the software and the selection and development of the hardware go hand in hand. scanware equips packaging machines along the entire line; in doing so, operation always remains simple and user-friendly thanks to the uniform menu.

Modular design for full flexibility

All scanware systems are modular in design to allow flexible and project-related installation on any packaging line. The selection of processor series guarantees long-term availability, enabling like-for-like replacement. Thus no re-qualification is necessary.

In-house illumination units

The W-LED illumination developed by scanware offers optimal, homogeneous optical conditions. It can be adjusted in 16 brightness levels, allowing the optimum contrast between product and packaging to be set. Application-specific top light, back light and side light are used in standardised designs.

Powerful frame grabber

The frame grabbers developed by scanware are optimised for use with the QNX® real-time operating system.Project-specific software tasks are tasks are already implemented in the hardware.

Signal exchange for machine communication

The I/O unit processes the complete signal exchange with production machines. If required, a shift register can be used, which can take over tasks of signal adaptation, error carry-over up to complex machine control. The PLC is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 – all parameter changes are recorded in an audit trail.

Current camera generations for contemporary quality

The use of carefully selected and tested cameras from outstanding manufacturers enables the best image processing. Depending on the application, Camera Link 1CMOS, 3CMOS or a multi-camera solution is implemented. These can be upgraded at any time and are therefore future-proof, even with changing production requirements.

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