Labelling is an integral part of product safety. In the pharmaceutical sector as well as in the cosmetics and food industry, it is impossible to imagine any packaging without codes. Regardless of the material and content, labels are coded, printed, stamped, embossed, etc. and their legibility and correctness are finally inspected. From the logo on the embossed gift packaging to the sequence of characters in the competition in the cornflakes pack – the information must be read.

A simple scanner is usually not enough for inspection – the number of symbols to be checked, different rotational positions and complex database links are commonplace. An appropriate system with suitable hardware and optimised software is needed.


Coding standards and their significance

The primary purpose of using codes is to condense data into a small area and to ensure product safety by clearly reading the information they contain. The standardisation of different codes can ensure the readability and secure decoding of the information encoded in markings. The standards are regularised by various institutions, for example GS1. As a layman, an understanding of coding is not relevant given the diversity and digital readability of many code types. Therefore scanware has integrated the coding standards of all common codes into the software of the code and marking controls. Teach-in is also becoming increasingly automated.

Codes that are inspected by scanware

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

Visualisation, inspection and processing of DataMatrix or crypto code.

Labels with codes and plain text are inspected or optimised within the scope of Track & Trace.

Assignment of product, package insert and folding box is done by means of labelling controls.

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

The inspection of ring codes on ampoules also checks for label presence.

Characters are inspected and traced with a track & trace solution.

Inspection of the legibility of prints on products.

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