Preparations - Tablets

The tablet can be regarded both as a collective term for a wide variety of oral dosage forms of medicines and as a specific preparation. scanware provides specific product information on the following forms of medicines:

  • Coated tablet and film-coated tablet
  • Hard gelatine capsule
  • Patilles
  • Multilayer tablet
  • Oblong
  • Soft gelatine capsule


The common, compressed tablet is the most classic product and presents different challenges depending on the packaging form and production process. The shape, notches and size, coating or any print also influence the specification of tablets.

Object-specific challenges

Product features

Powder or granules are pressed to form solids, which are usually packaged in blisters or bottles and jars. The strength is crucial to ensure problem-free ingestion. Therefore, shape and position must be inspected. In addition, tablets with predetermined breaking points run the risk of divided tablets ending up in the pocket.

Recommended system for the inspection of tablets

Due to the variety of tablet shapes and properties, all product inspections developed by scanware are suitable for tablets.

Tablet-package combinationRecommended system or application
DialpacksHigh resolution blister inspection
Minimal colour differences in the same blisterHigh resolution blister inspection
Hormone preparationsHigh resolution blister inspection
Loose tabletsHigh resolution blister inspection – bulk inspection
Coloured tablets in aluminium blisterFarbkontrolle
Tablets on monolinesBlack and white inspection
Tablets with low contrast to the foil3D product inspection
Tablets with printBlister inspection in combination with print inspection
Different tablet shapes in one blisterHigh resolution blister inspection
Sealed tabletsHigh resolution blister inspection
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Further preparations from scanware

Inspecting the presence, integrity and quality of the ampoule's ring code.

Inspection of the presence and colour of the cap and the presence of the label.

For hard gelatine capsules scanware offers a range of specified test parameters.​

Special algorithms for position at high oblongs increase productivity.

3D inspection for powders in very small quantities with specially developed algorithms.

Inspection before or after sealing, reflections are compensated.

Solutions for every conceivable product and film combination as well as product shape.

Inspection of the active ingredient patches to check size, position and packaging.

Dragees are often subject to chipping, which is detected by high evaluation accuracy.

Three-dimensional inspection excludes missing layer and offers highest safety.

Solutions for the optical inspection of fragmented and broken pastilles.

Software based on artificial intelligence for the inspection of syringes.

Inspection of cap and presence of label, also in mixed blisters.