Packaging - Pouch Packaging

A variety of products are packaged in pouches in the cosmetics and especially the food industry, for example pouch soups and desserts. Prints of the best-before date, lot etc. are printed promptly after filling and their legibility is inspected. The integrity of the packaging material is also worth inspecting.

Recommended inspection systems for the inspection of pouch packaging

Marking on bags is usually done by means of barcodes and plain text, for which the SIGNUM HR print inspection is optimised. With mechanically optimised use of light cameras, these can be moved in parallel with the printer and thus ensure quality directly after print. Alternatively, a large film width can be completely inspected by installing several cameras.

Aluminium foil to be filled can also be inspected before forming by means of the opto-electrical PATERA FOCON Pinhole Detection.

Highlights of the SIGNUM HR print inspection system

The high-performance, format-free print inspection system can inspect codes, lettering, logos, etc. in greyscale, even at the highest speeds. The system is characterised by user-friendliness and comprehensive analysis functions.

High-quality hardware, integrated illumination and software developed by scanware make this inspection system the best of its kind.

  • Fast analysis through intelligent character library
  • Automatic rotational position detection
  • Multiple camera system for the inspection of large print images

Inspection criteria

  • Presence, completeness, legibility and quality of prints
  • Codes, plain text, logos, pictograms

Highlights of the Pinhole Detection Unit

The optoelectronic detection of pores and cracks in aluminium foils takes place at speeds of up to 1.5m per second. Detection ranges of 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 μm are possible.

In addition, FOCON offers an integrated shift register that carries out error tracking independently of the following packaging machine and can be easily programmed by the operating personnel.

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Further packaging from scanware

For serialisation and aggregation, the codes on the bundles are inspected.

Here, the aggregation of production data takes place at pallet level.

Coding on pouch packaging is inspected for quality assurance.

For aggregation, the coding on shipping boxes and bundles is inspected.

Coding is verified. In addition, aluminium foil can be inspected for pores.

Prints are printed and verified. If necessary, sealing takes place.