Solutions by scanware

Whether pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, contract manufacturer, whether cosmetics or food manufacturer - scanware offers the optimal optical inspection solutions for the production lines.

Over 3.500 Installations

We supply our customers with innovative, easy-to-use and customised optical inspection solutions for the filling and packaging materials. System quality is our top priority.

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Installation examples

The inspection systems from scanware are characterised above all by their longevity. Numerous customers have already been convinced by the quality of scanware inspection systems and can confirm a longevity of up to 20 years.
Since the systems, which have been in production for over 20 years, have to be adapted to the latest technology and the requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries, it is advisable to upgrade existing systems. 

In order to keep the acquisition costs of systems manageable, scanware offers upgrades of already existing systems so that customers achieve considerable cost savings.

Every year, a large number of existing systems are upgraded and the hardware and software are adapted in line with time and requirements. In addition to offering system upgrades, scanware also guarantees the availability of necessary spare parts for up to 10 years.

  • IMA – C80HS
  • IMA – C90
  • IMA – C95
  • IMA – C96
  • IMA – Giant
  • IMA – TR130
  • IMA – TR200
  • IWKA – BP20
  • IWKA – BP300
  • IWKA – BPS
  • Kraus
  • Langen – Vento C12-0950
  • Marchesini – Gamma B8
  • Marchesini – MA155
  • Marchesini – MB440
  • Mediseal BIBBOB
  • Mediseal CP3
  • Mediseal CP5
  • Mediseal CP8
  • Mediseal CP10
  • Mediseal CP11
  • Mediseal CP200
  • Mediseal CP400
  • Mediseal CP500
  • Mediseal CP600
  • Mediseal CP1200
  • Mediseal LA500
  • Mediseal P1600
  • Noack N623
  • Noack DPN760
  • Noack N921
  • OCS Checkweigher HC-2000-2
  • O.M.A.R. BF50
  • Pago Labeller
  • Pentapack BP1515
  • Pentapack CT1200
  • Pentapack EAS
  • Pester Case packer
  • pharmaworks IBIS
  • pharmaworks TF1
  • pharmaworks TF2
  • pharmaworks TF3
  • Printing International 450CME
  • Rohrer
  • Rota Labeler
  • Uhlmann B1330
  • Uhlmann B1440
  • Uhlmann B1880
  • Uhlmann BMP7
  • Uhlmann UPS2
  • Uhlmann UPS3
  • Uhlmann UPS4
  • Uhlmann UPS5
  • Uhlmann UPS300
  • Uhlmann UPS600
  • Uhlmann UPS1010
  • Uhlmann UPS1020
  • Uhlmann UPS1030
  • Uhlmann UPS1040
  • Uhlmann UPS1070
  • Wenz 2070