360° Orbital

CAPA 360 Orbital Inspection

CAPA 360 is a 360° inspection system used for the inspection and reading of 2D and helper codes on pharmaceutical, reclosable plastic bottles. The orbital inspection enables thanks to
Thanks to the 360° reading range, the orbital inspection system enables all-round quality assurance of the arbitrarily shaped object as well as a printing, serialisation and aggregation function for the printed codes.

CAPA 360 is used in the packaging process and is the solution for the use of auxiliary codes in the course of aggregation. The printing of the auxiliary codes and their reading and linking with the serial number on the bottle label are the prerequisites for the aggregation of the products in the fully automatic case packer.

Examination criteria and objects


  • Plastic bottles


  • 2D codes: Printing and evaluation
  • UV auxiliary codes: Printing and reading
  • Bottle cap and label: Inspection of correct fit

Advantages of the 360° Orbital Station

  • A high-resolution 6x camera system of the latest technology generation
  • Fully serialisable
  • Aggregation in a can bundle packer or toploader possible
  • Integration of the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers commonly used on the market for auxiliary code printing
  • Maximum output of 120 bottles per minute
  • Equipped with W-LEDs and UV illumination
  • Optimum conveyor speed ensures minimum distance between bottles
  • Integrated bottle separation, which can also be used for downstream machines
  • Full integration of all switch and control cabinets
  • Equipped with a jam control at the infeed and discharge of the machine
  • Uniform user interface, comprehensible menu navigation and convenient data input
  • Smooth and scratch-free object transport for intact print quality of the codes
  • High-quality standard components enable efficient spare parts supply
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All-round quality assurance software

  • Intuitive operation in the latest visualised software architecture QI
  • Data processing of serialised products in the machine control system
  • Standardised communication interface to level 2 (line manager)
  • Article-related modes for serialised, variable or fixed-printed products.
  • Format management for machine parameters
  • Individual customisation options for upstream and downstream to the machine

Hardware of the orbital station


With the use of the high-resolution 6x camera system, the CAPA 360 can realise a 360° reading range, whereby an object can be inspected from every side without having to be aligned.

Six state-of-the-art cameras with a resolution of 5 megapixels and integrated SMD-W LED illumination are used.



The illumination used in the CAPA 360 all-round inspection system is integrated as a reflected light unit in the camera housing.
camera housing and is adjustable in 16 brightness levels. The illumination set for a format is stored in the format data record and is therefore reproducible. The use of UV illumination is possible for the inspection and reading of helper codes.