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Multi-layered tablet

Preparations - Multi-layered tablets

Multi-layered tablets allow the administration of several active ingredients in a single tablet. The popularity of this tablet form is steadily increasing because, for example, the primary active ingredient and an active ingredient to remedy a side effect can be combined. Also, active ingredients with different release times can be combined so that the release occurs at the right time.

Object-specific challenges

Product features

Modified or specially designed tablet presses are used in the production of multi-layered tablets. However, it is still not easy to predict how well the different layers will adhere to each other. Therefore, it can sometimes happen that a tablet with a missing layer ends up in the bowl. A colour inspection from above does not perceive this error, depending on the position. Therefore, inspection in 3D is recommended to ensure the height profile.

Recommended system for the inspection of multilayer tablets

The high-resolution, laser-based SPECTRA 3D vision system is used to inspect the geometry of the product. Split multi-layered tablets are reliably detected as such. In combination with a colour inspection, the colour can also be inspected.


Highlights of the 3D product inspection system

  • Reliable for low-contrast inspection tasks and for fragile products – Geometry and volume are detected
  • Can be combined with existing scanware systems and controlled together
  • The evaluation is displayed in 3D or colour layers

Inspection criteria

The following criteria can be inspected:

  • Presence
  • Height
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Position
  • Perimeter
  • Fragments
  • Overfilling
  • Surface defects
  • Serial defects
  • Colour – in combination with colour inspection
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