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Packaging - Pallets

Before shipping, shipping boxes are loaded onto pallets, shrink-wrapped together or secured with straps and then handed over to the logistics chain. To ensure that the entire pallet can be seen as a unit, a label is attached that contains the relevant data and can be read out again elsewhere.

Recommended systems for the inspection of pallets

scanware offers a mobile base station for printing labels and inspection/reading of the print. Secure data exchange and aggregation can be performed with the IMPERA data handler.


Highlights of the print inspection SIGNUM HR

  • Checks the readability and quality of prints such as barcodes and 2D codes, e.g. Code 128 and DataMatrix
  • Supports GS1, IFA Coding, CIP 13, IST, Bolllini IPZS, Royal Vignette Belge, Crypto-Code and China E-Coding
  • Very high reading speed, as only relevant areas are read out
  • Error analysis enables improvements to be made to the codes
  • All common codes are read
  • Display of results of all code readers in one window

Highlights of the CAPA MB mobile track & trace station

  • Compact add-on solution for easy integration into existing systems
  • Up to two printer attachments
  • Easy operation thanks to uniform user interface, comprehensible menu navigation
  • Can be used for manual aggregation of shipping box and pallet as well as rework
  • Integration of common printing systems


Highlights of the IMPERA data management system

  • Serialisation and aggregation
  • Modular and retrofittable
  • Functionality can be reduced to the essential modules
  • Individually configurable user interface
  • Compatible with all scanware products
  • Support of common coding standards
  • Workstation-specific intuitive graphical user interface
  • Flexible Level 3 connection
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Further packaging from scanware

For serialisation and aggregation, the codes on the bundles are inspected.

Here, the aggregation of production data takes place at pallet level.

Coding on pouch packaging is inspected for quality assurance.

For aggregation, the coding on shipping boxes and bundles is inspected.

Coding is verified. In addition, aluminium foil can be inspected for pores.

Prints are printed and verified. If necessary, sealing takes place.