Among the multitude of inspection objects for which scanware has been providing inspection systems for more than 30 years, preparations are a group of particularly variant products. The inspection of medicines in the packaging process is of paramount importance to manufacturers and contract packagers as well as pharmacists and patients. While all medicines have the function of curing or preventing disease, they differ in the release of the active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Dosage forms:

  • Dermal – active ingredients for absorption through the skin and direct passage into the bloodstream e.g. creams, emulsions as well as active ingredient patches.
  • Oral/peroral – various forms for ingestion through the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. tablets, capsules and lozenges.
  • Parenteral – liquids for administration by injection, e.g. infusions. These products are often packaged in ampoules, syringes and vials.
  • Topical – Medicines for application in the affected area, e.g. eye drops, nasal sprays, suppositories. Here, a labelling check is carried out in the packaging process.

Preparations inspected by scanware

Inspecting the presence, integrity and quality of the ampoule's ring code.

Inspection of the active ingredient patches to check size, position and packaging.

Inspection of the presence and colour of the cap and the presence of the label.

Sugar-coated Tablets are often subject to chipping, which is detected by high evaluation accuracy.

For hard gelatine capsules scanware offers a range of specified test parameters.

Three-dimensional inspection excludes missing layer and offers highest safety.

Special algorithms for position at high oblongs increase productivity.

Solutions for the optical inspection of fragmented and broken pastilles.

3D inspection for powders in very small quantities with specially developed algorithms.

Inspection before or after sealing, reflections are compensated.

Software based on artificial intelligence for the inspection of syringes.

Solutions for every conceivable product and film combination as well as product shape.

Inspection of cap and presence of label, also in mixed blisters.

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