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Line Management


IMPERA is a comprehensive software for use on packaging lines. It monitors processes and controls all systems involved in them, such as printers, hand scanners and control systems. Furthermore, the line manager manages the data exchange between the producer's database and the components


The IMPERA management system is a comprehensive software for use on packaging lines. It monitors processes and controls all systems used.

Furthermore, the line manager takes over the data exchange between the producer’s database and the components, i.e. it imports the data from the producer’s database, processes them and transfers them back after completion. This enables the producer to implement serialisation requirements laid down in the European pharmaceutical directive EU/2011/62.

Likewise, the IMPERA line management system creates complex, multi-level data links to ensure the traceability and retraceability of processes.

The software supports all international coding standards and is modular in design so that the customer can configure and upgrade it as required. Communication takes place via VDMA XML protocol, XML and CSV files.

Areas of Application of the Management System

  • Line management
  • Machine and component control on packaging lines
  • Serialisation, aggregation and deaggregation
  • Labelling and its inspection on individual packs, display and outer cartons

Parts of the Management Systems

Levels and configuration

Different structures and requirements exist on every line, at every location and in every company. Therefore, an extremely flexible, configurable solution is indispensable. IMPERA is characterised by its adaptability to Level 1 and 3 – components are integrated on the line, communication is implemented and data exchange is organised.

On the other hand, the existing, superordinate factory level is also served – the optional modules such as the login server or rework can be added as required or the line manager adapts to an already existing structure for these tasks.

The operation as well as individual modules can also be configured according to your wishes – this way, the interface remains lean and straightforward, but shows everything the operator needs.


Serialisation and aggregation

Since the EU directive and other international regulations require a wide variety of labelling requirements to increase counterfeit protection, the implementation of traceability is a must on every pharmaceutical line.

From serialised folding box labelling, aggregation of data of the units packed together in bundles, display cases, shipping boxes to pallets, complex data structures have to be processed.

In addition to specially designed stations and control systems for installation, scanware also offers the corresponding structure for data processing. Here, specially developed marking controls, implementation of all common coding standards, as well as the Broker and other modules available in IMPERA are used.

More Information on Line Management

Advantages of the Level 2 Software

By adapting the system functions to the processes under production conditions in practice, operation is simple and comprehensible. It is carried out on a touch screen on which all settings and entries are made interactively in dialogue via the displayed menu and selection keys.

The scanware systems are based on the same operating structure. This offers a high level of security thanks to user-oriented operation, guided learning and precise software that enables the user to implement inspection and improve productivity even without prior knowledge of various codes. The relearn function allows the operator to quickly and easily monitor the packaging process.

Based on the QNX® real-time operating system, the algorithms work breathtakingly fast and offer a variety of parameters that optimally support your inspection task. And by means of the in-house developed user interface, both teach-in and operation are intuitive and, of course, fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.



  • Configurable software tailored to your needs and requirements
  • Communication takes place via VDMA XML protocol, XML and CSV files
  • Serialisation and aggregation fully integrated
  • Intuitive user interface, guided learning run and 12 CFR-11 compliant
  • Fast algorithms and high reliability
  • Modular and retrofittable
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Technical data

Implemented codings:

All int. standards such as: GS1, IFA, CIPX 13, ITS, Bollino, IPZS, Royal Vignette Belge, lot and date inspection.

Interfaces / Communication:

VDMA-XML-Protocol, XML-Datei, CSV-Data

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