High Resolution Inspection


The high-resolution inspection system SPECTRA HR is used for quality control in the pharmaceutical sector. By using 3CMOS cameras, it offers outstanding colour separation performance, allowing products with difficult colour and contrast conditions to be inspected. In combination with the largest software package, it enables unique inspection parameters and functions. Also the inspection of products products with minimal differences in colour and shape in the same blister at high speed. The all-rounder for every challenge.

Inspection Criteria and Objects

Inspection objects:

  • Tablets
  • Oblongs
  • Dragees
  • Hard and soft gelatine capsules
  • Medical strips
  • Sealed products
  • Special forms
  • Dialpack
  • etc.

Examination criteria:

  • Contaminants
  • Colour
  • Presence
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Position
  • Circumference
  • Fragments
  • Overfilling
  • Surface defects
  • Serial defects
  • Print

Advantages of High-Resolution Blister Inspection

With the high-resolution blister inspection, all blister geometries and product-film combinations can be detected and post-seal applications implemented. All parameters integrated in the system can be applied simultaneously. The use of multi-camera systems allows the inspection of different products and shapes in the same blister.  The use of the real-time operating system QNX® enables the fastest signal processing and high reliability. 

Special Applications of SPECTRA HR


Hormone preparations are a particular challenge for inspection systems because they are usually very small and different products, often sorted by week of intake, are brought together in one blister.

Bulk inspection

Bulk inspection is used to detect foreign products, fragments and foreign particles and their ejection.Häfig SPECTRA HR is the best solution here.

Japan Quality

By using several cameras, product inspection can also be carried out under Japanese quality standards. SPECTRA HR detects even the smallest optical blemishes and finest particles

Software Facts of the High-Resolution Inspection

Outstanding software features, such as ꞉ filling statistics and production documentation, configurable machine stops and diagnostics for colours, pocket, blister and defect images, comprehensive audit trail.

The SPECTRA HR software is equipped with improved algorithms for shape recognition. By using several cameras, different products in the same blister as well as different shapes with the smallest differences in shape can be reliably detected.

The system’s colour separation performance even detects colour differences that can hardly be seen with the naked eye. Different colours in the same blister are thus reliably kept apart. No other system offers such accuracy and reliability.


Special algorithms:

X-Y measurement, with which, for example, the different positions of the product are evaluated for plug-in capsules with heterogeneous filling. 

Detection of protruding objects – The detection of protruding objects reduces ejection.
Protruding objects are identified as correct instead of being ejected as too small.

Automatic mask tracking compensates for trigger timing in intermittent machines, which depends on belt speed and other technical factors.

Technical Data - Hardware

Evaluation unit

  • 19 inch construction, 42 TE
  • 256 GB SSD hard disk, optionally 128 GB
  • I/O system DIO8/16/32/48/64 (standard) or
  • TCP/IP, EtherCAT, integrated PLC (extended)
  • scanware-developed frame grabber
  • scanware-developed image multiplexer


  • Designed by scanware with up to 3000 LEDs per standardised unit
    Use of Nichia SMD-W LED
  • Top light, back light, side light or or diffused illumination – freely combinable
  • Homogeneous, reproducible and adjustable in 2 × 16 brightness levels for optimal colour measurement


  • 3CMOS colour sensor, JAI
  • Camera Link interface for low-interference data exchange of large amounts of data and thus longer cable lengths than USB and FireWire
  • Evaluation speed: up to 3,300 images per minute
  • Camera resolution 3× 4,096 × 768 pixels / 3× 3.2 MPx (when using the Japan Quality, where 4 cameras are used)
  • Colour resolution in 16 million colour shades
  • RGB Bayer filter – colour tones are calculated by means of filters in red, green and blue based on brightness
  • Powerful, non-condensing unit ideal for highest performance in continuous operation
  • Built-in correction of colour errors and blur, further enhanced by scanware software algorithms
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