Preparations - Oblongs

Oblongs as a subgroup of tablets are a common dosage form, especially for medicines that can be dosed by the patient if desired. The oblong tablets often have one or more predetermined breaking points, which simplifies division.

Object-specific challenges

Product features

The primary reason for oblong ejection is a break at the predetermined breaking point that occurred during feeding. However, potential incorrect ejection can also occur due to the position in the blister if the oblongs are on their side and thus theoretically appear too small, which would result in high tolerances.

Recommended system for the inspection of oblongs

For the inspection of presence, integrity, shape etc. of oblongs in the blister scanware recommends SPECTRA CL, the product inspection in colour. For mono-lines, a cost-efficient black and white inspection is also conceivable.


Highlights of colour inspection

  • Outstanding speed and comprehensive analysis options
  • All parameters can be applied simultaneously – at the same high speed
  • Illumination is homogeneous, reproducible and adjustable in 16 brightness levels
  • Best hardware and comprehensive software package based on the QNX® real-time operating system
  • The system can be upgraded in software and hardware to high-resolution product inspection at any time
  • The software feature “X-Y measurement” enables the detection of product position, both upright, horizontal and in between. This makes it possible to work with low tolerances regardless of the position.


Inspection criteria

The following criteria can be inspected:

  • Colour
  • Presence
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Position
  • Circumference
  • Fragments
  • Overfilling
  • Surface defects
  • Serial defects
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Further preparations from scanware

Inspecting the presence, integrity and quality of the ampoule's ring code.

Inspection of the presence and colour of the cap and the presence of the label.

For hard gelatine capsules scanware offers a range of specified test parameters.​

Special algorithms for position at high oblongs increase productivity.

3D inspection for powders in very small quantities with specially developed algorithms.

Inspection before or after sealing, reflections are compensated.

Solutions for every conceivable product and film combination as well as product shape.

Inspection of the active ingredient patches to check size, position and packaging.

Dragees are often subject to chipping, which is detected by high evaluation accuracy.

Three-dimensional inspection excludes missing layer and offers highest safety.

Solutions for the optical inspection of fragmented and broken pastilles.

Software based on artificial intelligence for the inspection of syringes.

Inspection of cap and presence of label, also in mixed blisters.