Codes – Pharmacode

The one-dimensional pharma code is a common standard in the pharmaceutical industry for marking packaging. Unlike the majority of barcodes, the code can be printed in different colours and offers high flexibility in print quality.


Code specifications

Only integers can be encoded in a pharmaceutical code. This limits the range of applications, but due to the simple coding with wide and narrow bars, extremely high readability is possible, allowing very fast readout times. However, reading in different directions produces a different result, i.e. the position of the tested packaging must always be the same from the coding point of view.

Recommended system for the inspection of pharmaceutical codes

The reading of the pharmaceutical code is possible with all common code readers. However, the labelling of the various components in a final package is often done using pharmaceutical codes. Consequently, the blister, leaflet and folding box must be brought together in the packaging inspection after reading to ensure that the components match. Therefore, a comprehensive Code Inspection SIGNUM 1DC 2DC is recommended.


Highlights of the inspection system

The SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC Code Inspection is a vision system for the inspection of codes with intelligent cameras. It evaluates prints of barcodes and two-dimensional codes with the highest reading performance.

  • Intuitive, user-oriented operation, guided learning run
  • Reading of relevant areas enables high reading speed of 80 2D codes and up to 150 barcodes / second
  • Different designs for precise integration into your system
  • Outstanding analysis options for improving codes

Test criteria

  • All common codes
  • Presence, readability
  • On labels, package inserts, folding boxes, blister cover films, tubes, bottles, etc.
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Further codes from scanware

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

Labels with codes and plain text are inspected or optimised within the scope of Track & Trace.

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

Characters are inspected and traced with a track & trace solution.

Visualisation, inspection and processing of DataMatrix or crypto code.

Assignment of product, package insert and folding box is done by means of labelling controls.

The inspection of ring codes on ampoules also checks for label presence.

Inspection of the legibility of prints on products.