Ring Codes

Codes – Ring Codes

In contrast to barcodes and plain writing, the markings on stems of ampoules are not standardised in a machine-readable way. Nevertheless, as with all other medicinal products, reliable recognition is necessary. The necessary characteristics of the ring codes are specified by scanware.

Recommended system for inspection of ring codes

The Parenterals inspection system PATERA CL analyses parenterals such as ampoules with a colour camera and using artificial intelligence-based vision technology. The user interface is very easy to use and adaptable to the operator’s field of application, the software optimised for the inspection of ring codes. The built-in hardware offers outstanding illumination control, which is stored format-related and thus reproducible.

Highlights of the Colour Parenterals Inspection PATERA CL

  • Fast product changeover with maximum inspection reliability, as label and ampoule are inspected in one step, even with mixed blisters, e.g. solid vial and solvent ampoule
  • The user interface is easy to use and customisable to the operator. This includes Alert View – central placement of system messages – as well as gesture control.
  • True colour recognition with up to 16 million colours and 2,100 images per minute can reliably inspect even the most demanding product-tray combinations, both in mixed blisters and individually

Inspection criteria

  • Number of colour rings
  • Ring colours
  • Sequence of rings
  • Ring widths
  • Ring spacing
  • Interruptions and length of the entire colour ring code
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Further codes from scanware

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

Labels with codes and plain text are inspected or optimised within the scope of Track & Trace.

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

Inspection of the readability of prints on products.

Visualisation, inspection and processing of DataMatrix or crypto code.

Assignment of product, package insert and folding box is done by means of labelling controls.

Characters are inspected and traced with a track & trace solution.