Lidding Foil

Foils - Lidding foils

Both aluminium and PVC blisters are sealed with aluminium sealing foil after filling. This is thinner compared to aluminium blister foil and is usually printed.

Recommended systems for the inspection of lidding foils

To ensure material safety, the film can be inspected for microcracks before or after printing. The print image can be inspected for legibility across the full width of the film.


Highlights of the PATERA FOCON Pinhole Detection

  • Optoelectronic detection of pores and cracks in aluminium foil up to 1,000 mm wide, flat or formed
  • Speeds of 1.5 m/s
  • Detection range of 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 μm
  • Shift register optional
  • Fill suppression reduces production waste and thus saves costs
  • Available in widths from 200 to 1,000 mm
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Highlights of the SIGNUM HR Print Inspection

  • The powerful, format-free greyscale system offers high speed, integrated illumination and outstanding software
  • Fast evaluation through intelligent character library
  • Automatic rotational position detection
  • Multiple camera system for inspection of large-area print images – the full film width can be inspected
  • Automatic learning run and error analysis in format testing as well as mask shifting
  • Due to the high computing power, up to 5,000 objects can be checked
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Further foils from scanware

Blisters are inspected for pores and deformations.

Deformations in filled PVC blisters are detected before sealing.

The printing of entire film widths is inspected at high speed.