Packaging Identification

Codes – Packaging Identification

The inspection of all units that are packed together in the packaging process is a critical step in maintaining high safety standards for producers and patients alike. This is the only way to guarantee that the appropriate package insert for the medication is found in the correct folding box.


Code specifications

Depending on the barcodes used, different coding standards must be complied with. As an expert for control systems in the pharmaceutical industry, the scanware software is designed for the following codes, among others: EAN 8, EAN 13, Code 32, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2/5, DataBar, Pharmacode.

Recommended system for packaging identification

The labelling of the various components in a final package is usually done by means of barcodes. Consequently, the blister, leaflet, folding box and, if necessary, other units must be brought together in the packaging inspection after reading to ensure that the components match. Therefore, a comprehensive Code Inspection SIGNUM 2DC is recommended. If plain text on the units is also to be checked, the SIGNUM HR print image check is a good choice.

Highlights of Code Inspection SIGNUM 2DC

  • The code inspection system for 1D and 2D codes uses intelligent cameras to inspect codes. It evaluates prints of barcodes and two-dimensional codes with exceptionally high reading performance.
  • Simple, user-oriented operation, guided learning run
  • Very high reading speed, as only relevant areas are read – up to 150 barcodes and 80 Data Matrix per second
  • Available in various designs for easy and optimal system integration
  • Comprehensive analysis tools to improve coding and format management

Inspection criteria

The following criteria can be inspected

  • All common codings
  • Presence, readability

On labels, leaflets, folding boxes, blister cover foils etc.

Highlights of Print inspection SIGNUM HR

  • The high-performance, format-free greyscale system for inspection of the printed image (OCR) on packaging materials in the ongoing packaging process is equipped with the recognition performance, range of functions and ease of operation of a modern image processing system.
  • The high speed, integrated illumination and outstanding software make the system the best of its kind.
  • Fast evaluation through intelligent character library
  • Automatic rotational position detection
  • Multiple camera system for the inspection of large-area print images
  • Automatic learning run and error analysis in format testing as well as mask shifting

Inspection criteria

  • Presence, completeness, legibility and quality of prints
  • Codes, plain text, logos, pictograms
  • In the small field area as well as in-line individual printing
  • On labels, package inserts, folding boxes, blister cover foils, tubes, bottles etc.

Further applications

In addition to packaging inspection in the standard market application, scanware also offers expertise in late stage customisation and track & trace.

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Further codes from scanware

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

Labels with codes and plain text are inspected or optimised within the scope of Track & Trace.

scanware offers code reading with accurate error analysis for all common codings.

Characters are inspected and traced with a track & trace solution.

Visualisation, inspection and processing of DataMatrix or crypto code.

Assignment of product, package insert and folding box is done by means of labelling controls.

Inspection of the readability of prints on products.

The inspection of ring codes on ampoules also checks for label presence.