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PVC Blister

Foils – PVC Blister

Blister foils for thermoforming in the pharmaceutical sector are usually made of PVC, PVDC or ACLAR, a particularly dimensionally stable and moisture-repellent film. These can be coloured and provided with UV protection. Compared to aluminium, PVC blisters are less expensive and are therefore used very frequently.

Material-specific challenges

Product features

The material is formed using heat. This allows for a variety of very precise shapes. As a result, the packaged medicinal product can be fed without any room for movement. However, the heat can cause rainbow-like discolouration, especially in colourless blisters, and shadows in deep blisters, which can interfere with product inspection.

Recommended systems for the inspection of PVC blisters

In most cases the blister is only inspected after filling or sealing. The full range of scanware product controls is available for this purpose. Here the combination of foil and preparation is the decisive factor. The illumination control is a decisive advantage here – the illumination settings are stored in the format according to product, which is particularly useful for white products in the white ACLAR blister – inspection with transmitted light is more difficult here due to the coating.


Highlights of the inspection system SPECTRA Black and White

  • Inspection of product in film in 256 greyscales
  • Resolution 1,296 × 966 pixels
  • Homogeneous, reproducible WLED illumination adjustable in 16 brightness levels
  • Automatic learning run, full compliance with
  • 21 CFR Part 11, production statistics and serial defect detection
  • Ideally suited for the inspection of products where cross-contamination can be excluded, e.g. mono-lines

Highlights of SPECTRA Colour

  • Colour product inspection for detection of cross-contamination, size, position, fragments and overfilling
  • Outstanding speed and comprehensive analysis possibilities
  • All parameters can be applied simultaneously – at the same high speed
  • Analysis of lane and cup filling and audit trail
  • Partial learning runs for product size, colour and background colour for learning batch-related differences

Highlights of the inspection system SPECTRA High Resolution

  • Outstanding colour separation performance through the use of 3CMOS cameras
  • Multiple camera systems for large film widths
  • Impurities, surface defects and print can be inspected
  • All blister geometries and product-film combinations can be detected
  • Suitable for post-seal inspection
  • Software features for particularly tricky challenges such as X-Y measurement, calculation of envelope curves, automatic mask tracking, product-specific tolerances for mixed blisters, etc.

Highlights of the three-dimensional product inspection SPECTRA 3D

  • High-resolution, laser-supported vision system for inspection of the geometry of film and product in the case of particularly low-contrast inspection tasks and brittle products.
  • The evaluation is displayed in 3D or colour layers
  • Optimal solution for multi-layered tablets and loose powder
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Further foils from scanware

Blisters are inspected for pores and deformations.

The printing of entire film widths is inspected at high speed.

The quality of sealing foil is inspected at high speed - even for wide foils.