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Optical quality inspection in the cosmetics industry

Securing identification

In addition to the high safety standards in the pharmaceutical industry, these are also becoming increasingly important in the cosmetics industry. These standards are ensured with the help of our versatile optical inspection systems. They help to reliably assign ingredients and packaging materials, thus avoiding mislabelling. In particular, our print image inspection is used to check the presence of labels as well as their position and labelling. 

All kinds of cosmetic packaging units are checked, such as shampoo bottles, soaps and many more. Our 1D / 2D code inspection system is also used to inspect printed codes on tubes, for example. In addition, we naturally offer other applications that meet the customers’ requirements.

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Integrity of packaging

Cosmetic packaging quality

The quality standard must not only be met for cosmetics alone – the packaging is also the be-all and end-all for high-quality cosmetics.

To ensure the optimal appearance, scanware offers a surface inspection solution that detects dented and damaged packaging materials and then removes them from further processing in the packaging process.