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Mechanical Engineering

Quality that machine manufacturers rely on

All over the world, renowned machine manufacturers rely on scanware’s know-how when optical quality controls and data management are used along the production line. 

Our customers in the field of mechanical engineering appreciate the service as well as the product range of scanware. With scanware they can equip their machines with a modular product platform. This provides them with uniform assembly, cable routing and documentation and, thanks to our user-friendly interface, they can operate all the system solutions used in a uniform manner, which significantly minimises costs in the areas of documentation and training.

The production of pharmaceuticals must be carried out under the highest safety measures – scanware is familiar with the current GMP regulations, EU directives as well as FDA guidelines and implements them in the implementations.

Upgrade on blister machines

Over the last 30 years scanware has focused on equipping blister machines from all manufacturers. scanware has the know-how to retrofit blister inspection systems on all types of blister machines. 

More than 1,000 packaging lines worldwide are equipped with scanware blister inspection systems. For almost every special type of blister machine a mechanical and electrical adaptation can be carried out or can be implemented in a very short project cycle.


Mechanical adjustment

The mechanical fitting includes the housing of the system as well as the model of the light source (incident light, transmitted light, side light). Different sizes are available, designed for different film widths.


Electronic adjustment

The electrical adjustment can be made taking into account the existing machine situation or using a PLC for signal adjustment, whereby any timing can be generated. If required, mechanical cams can be replaced by an electronic cam switch, which can be provided by scanware.


Software adaptation

The software functions of scanware systems can be adapted to individual customer workflows through configuration or development.

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References machine manufacturer

Examples of system implementations

  • IMA – C80HS
  • IMA – C90
  • IMA – C95
  • IMA – C96
  • IMA – Giant
  • IMA – TR130
  • IMA – TR200
  • IWKA – BP20
  • IWKA – BP300
  • IWKA – BPS
  • Kraus
  • Langen – Vento C12-0950
  • Marchesini – Gamma B8
  • Marchesini – MA155
  • Marchesini – MB440
  • Mediseal BIBBOB
  • Mediseal CP3
  • Mediseal CP5
  • Mediseal CP8
  • Mediseal CP10
  • Mediseal CP11
  • Mediseal CP200
  • Mediseal CP400
  • Mediseal CP500
  • Mediseal CP600
  • Mediseal CP1200
  • Mediseal LA500
  • Mediseal P1600
  • Noack N623
  • Noack DPN760
  • Noack N921
  • OCS Checkweigher HC-2000-2
  • O.M.A.R. BF50
  • Pago Labeller
  • Pentapack BP1515
  • Pentapack CT1200
  • Pentapack EAS
  • Pester Case packer
  • pharmaworks IBIS
  • pharmaworks TF1
  • pharmaworks TF2
  • pharmaworks TF3
  • Printing International 450CME
  • Rohrer
  • Rota Labeler
  • Uhlmann B1330
  • Uhlmann B1440
  • Uhlmann B1880
  • Uhlmann BMP7
  • Uhlmann UPS2
  • Uhlmann UPS3
  • Uhlmann UPS4
  • Uhlmann UPS5
  • Uhlmann UPS300
  • Uhlmann UPS600
  • Uhlmann UPS1010
  • Uhlmann UPS1020
  • Uhlmann UPS1030
  • Uhlmann UPS1040
  • Uhlmann UPS1070
  • Wenz 2070