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Ring Code Inspection

SIGNUM Ring Codes (CL)

The SIGNUM ring code inspection is a high-resolution colour inspection system for inspecting ring codes on ampoules and vials. In this way, the producer can exclude the possibility of under-mixing or the distribution of defective products.

The system can be used for the inspection of single ampoules as well as for the inspection of several different products in blisters or trays.

Inspection Criteria and Objects

Inspection objects:

  • Inspection of ampoules and vials
  • Multiple inspection in blister or tray
  • Individual inspection on labelling machines

Examination criteria:

  • Ampoules: Number of colour rings, ring colours, sequence of rings, ring widths, ring distances, interruptions and length of the entire colour ring code.
  • Vials: presence and colour of the cap
  • Parallel to this, the presence and colour of the label in the same inspection step.

Advantages of scanware Ring Code Inspection

The system offers true colour detection for optimal results. Thanks to the electronically controllable W-LED illumination, the illumination conditions can be reproduced. Two lighting levels can be evaluated in immediate succession.

Inspection of colour code and label in the same step for up to four different product types per pack is possible. 9,600 product units per minute can be inspected at up to 80 product units per pack.

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Software Facts of the Ring Code Inspection

The tech-in is menu-guided and thus convenient to use. The test windows for the individual characteristics can be freely defined. The recognition accuracy can be inspected by means of test run and format test functions. The skewers of the ampoules are taught. The contrast can be optimised by using colour discs.

For the inspection of labels, the illumination setting can be set independently of that of the rings.

The evaluation of vials and ampoules in the same tray is possible. The software also compensates for parallax errors caused by the curvature of the glass cylinders.

Users can look forward to outstanding software features such as:

  • Special algorithm for ring sequence detection
  • Partial teach-in runs for ring colours and sizes
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Easy-to-understand menu-guided operation


Alternative inspection systems

For the inspection of all parenterals, including syringes, cartridges and of course ampoules and vials, the PATERA packaging inspection system can be used.

Technical Data - Hardware

Evaluation unit

  • 42 HP, 3.5 RU
  • scanware-developed frame grabber for matrix and line scan cameras black and white and colour 


  • 1CMOS or 3CMOS
  • Camera Link interface for low-interference data exchange of large amounts of data and thus longer cable lengths than USB and FireWire
  • Evaluation speed: up to 9,600 product units/minute
  • Camera resolution: 1,024 x 768 to 4,096 x 768 pixels
  • Colour resolution in 16 million colours
  • 80 product units per pack
  • 4 different product types per pack
  • Up to 6 inspection features + label per product unit 
  • RGB Bayer filter – colour tones are calculated by means of filters in red, green and blue based on brightness
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