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System Solutions for Packaging Machines

Quality Inspections

The quality of the systems is scanware's top priority. To be able to guarantee this, software development and the selection and development of hardware go hand in hand.

Inspection Solutions by scanware

As one of very few suppliers on the market, we are able to equip the packaging process along the entire packaging line. In addition to efficient inspection systems we also offer solutions for printing, labelling, tamper evidence sealing and verification. For serialisation and aggregation applications, our product portfolio includes IMPERA, a process-safe and future-oriented management system that ensures the traceability of products along the entire packaging and supply chain. Operation is uniformly structured for all systems and therefore particularly easy to master. See at which points in the process our systems come into play.

Process Monitoring and System Control

Parenteralia and Pore Detection

Black & White, Colour, High Resolution and 3D

Print Image, Ring Code and 1 DC / 2 DC

Mark & Verify, Case, Bundle, Tamper Evidence

Hardware und Software

scanware Systems Along the Packaging Line

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Advantages of scanware Solutions

  • Modular design ensures a variety of installation options
  • QNX® real-time operating system for security and speed
  • Uniform graphical user interface and easy-to-understand menu
  • Fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Fully upgradeable hardware and software
  • Wear-free, electronically controllable scanware W-LED illumination
  • Can be used and retrofitted on all common machine types
  • Communication with the machine via VDMA XML or OPC UA protocol
  • Simultaneous inspection of numerous test parameters
  • Wide range of statistical evaluation options
  • Implementation of special developments and special requirements
  • Availability of spare parts guaranteed for 10 years
  • Service with solution and assistance within 24 hours