Track & Trace


The systems are designed for the packaging process within the scope of track & trace applications. Individual units and packaging groups are provided with labels and these are validated. The processing and aggregation is implemented by scanware's line manager IMPERA.

Track & Trace

Customer safety is paramount in the pharmaceutical market. To protect them from deceptively genuine-looking counterfeit products, goods are tracked throughout the supply chain and production and shipment data is recorded. This starts at the packaging line and can be carried out throughout the entire logistics process. scanware offers flexible stations here for marking, sealing folding boxes, as well as data capture in the case, carton or package and on larger load carriers such as pallets. In addition, the comprehensive IMPERA software can be used to monitor the processes, control involved devices and data acquisition and multi-level linking. This gives you complete transparency for your products from the line, through shipment tracking in logistics, to the recipient.

Types / components of the Track & Trace

For each step in the traceability of the packaging process, scanware offers a flexible solution optimised for your needs to track your shipments:

Folding box labelling and digitisation

The CAPA MV station is a flexible mark & verify unit. The folding boxes are printed with barcode or data matrix and plain text such as batch information, production date, GTIN and serial number. The print is then read directly by a sensor to ensure readability and correctness of the marking in real time and to capture the data digitally. The station is designed for common printing systems and a variety of codes such as GS1, ITS etc.

More tamper-evident sealing of containers

At the CAPA TE station, the printed folding carton is securely sealed in the track and trace process. Sealing from the side with a positioning accuracy of 0.5 mm is standard. Labels can also be applied from above. If the result is negative, ejection is pneumatic or, in the case of heavier objects, by pusher. Combination with mark and verify and label printing is also possible.

Print inspection in shipping boxes

In the packaging process, individual folding boxes are shipped together in packages. All goods present in the carton are read out at the CAPA CI Case Inspection with a powerful camera. The data contained is compared with the database. For multi-layer packaging schemes, the camera can be adjusted in height with a servo motor. The functionality can also be installed in case packers.

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Aggregation of bundles

The CAPA BI station inspects the prints on and completeness of bundles and transmits the data to the database for processing the data and tracking the consignment. The conveyor belt enables particularly fast data processing. Different camera positions depending on the package are possible. The control step can also be flexibly integrated into a bundler.

Compact track & trace solution

If there is no space for a Mark & Verify station on the packaging line, a compact printing unit can be installed, controlled by a base station and inspected with a sensor. This makes CAPA MB a space-saving add-on with maximum performance, suitable for your local conditions.

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CAPA System overview

Track & Trace from scanware - tracing preparations along the entire supply chain.

Track & Trace steps

In order to track consignments and the products they contain, they are marked with production information on the smallest packaging unit, the folding box. For this purpose, a tamper-proof seal can be used to ensure the initial opening. The folding boxes are then packed in bundles or cartons. In the process, the data from the individual packages is aggregated to form the packages and pallets. These are then traceable throughout the entire transport and, once they have reached their destination, can be traced back to production when they are delivered and handed over to the customer.

Data aggregation and tracking with comprehensive line manager

The complete monitoring and control of the processes, as well as the visualisation and data processing is mastered by the scanware line management IMPERA. The software is based on artificial intelligence and enables your company to track where products of which batch are located at any time. IMPERA maps the aggregation of individual packages, bundles and cartons to load carriers. Once the consignment is on its way, your database takes over the tracking of the consignment during transport.