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Inspection solutions for the food industry

scanware is all about the pills? Maybe a few decades ago. But our full range has a lot to offer for companies packaging food.

Have a peek into our inspection pantry: The flexible and intuitive code inspection systems can identify barcodes etc. on packaging, for example on pouches, stick packs and tubes. This enables Late Stage Customisation for different markets, and line management where primary units are packaged in trays, cases and even on pallets. For the primary packaging, scanware offers pinhole detection for aluminium foils, as well as systems that identify position of packaging before filling. Defects on the surface and positioning of components can also be inspected.

Focussed on flexible solutions that can be tailored to the manufacturer or packager, scanware will look at your needs and make sure your needs are met. Contact one of our Sales team today.

If you have any specific questions about our solutions for this industry, please do not hesitate to contact us:
☎️ 0049 6257 9352-0