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Why is scanware QI the future?

Our advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based inspection software QI is revolutionizing the way we monitor production lines and detect defects. With this innovative technology, we provide faster and more accurate inspections.

QI represents Quality Intelligence and is based on Artificial Intelligence. The base of this intelligence is the combination of experience-based approaches of scanware image processing systems and machine learning technologies.
The core element of the systems is a database. Process data is stored in this database and statistically analyzed. Insights can be derived from the data and compared for the future to generate optimized evaluation results. This means that no parameter limits need to be set for individual characteristics.

💡Teach-in is faster: Less steps, go-back function and more similar between different types of inspection – saving you time and your team’s nerves
💡Multi-touch, full screen mode and a modern look and feel
💡Features can be included easily and the system can be tailored to your needs – user management, interfaces etc
💡Multiple systems can be operated on a single touchscreen

If you have specific questions about our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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