Pore Detection PATERA FOCON Foil

Aluminium is a pricey material and again scanware is supporting you to protect the environment and lowering costs. Since 2000, scanware has provided pore detection units traded as scanware FOCON, now part of the PATERA line of primary packaging inspection. After more than 20 years of successful use worldwide, experience and trust in this optoelectronic unit is firmly established.

Time to innovate – a new design as well as a new, modular sensor technology create a new generation of world class pinhole detection of foil, plane or formed. Furthermore, the likelihood of ambient light entering the evaluation area was further reduced. As a consequence, inspection speeds of up to 2 metres per second are now possible.

While so far it was only possible to use two different detection sizes, meaning another unit is required to inspect other sizes, the new PATERA FOCON Foil demands less hardware investment. Now, 25 to 500 μm can be inspected without having to change any hardware parts, making the necessary changes via the newly integrated touchscreen. Further to that, the touch screen displays operation mode and evaluation results.