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High-end Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Both high-resolution and unique three-dimensional blister & product inspections of the SPECTRA system series are used for the inspection of solid dosage forms and offer powerful detections of the smallest defects, height errors and deviations as well as volume errors and deviations with the cutting-edge technology used.

For the high-resolution SPECTRA blister inspection, 3CMOS colour area scan cameras of the latest generation with total image data of 18 megapixels are used. The three-dimensional blister and product inspection SPECTRA can achieve a line resolution of 4,608 pixels with the camera technologies used. The smallest object deviations can be detected from a difference of 1/10 mm. Thanks to the CompactPCI-serial network card used, high image processing is possible.

The SIGNUM print image inspection is used in the further packaging process to detect the smallest errors, deviations and inaccuracies on full-surface printing. This accurate detection performance is made possible by the use of two cameras with total image data of 24 megapixels.

The IMPERA line management system takes over job control of all systems and enables automatic loading of the required formats and parameters as well as fully automatic teach-in of the print image control via hand scanner and PDF print sheet.

The implemented systems were each equipped with their own evaluation unit. The evaluations are visualised via a uniform user interface on a panel PC. Each of these systems contains the identical high-performance hardware of the latest generation.

The high colour resolutions, unique 3D images, intelligent algorithms as well as the constant further development of the existing solutions give scanware a reputation as a provider of cutting-edge technology. With these system combinations and the resulting recognition performance, scanware is setting a benchmark of high-end technology.