2DC Compact Systems for Discontinued Code Readers

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has focused on the dominant topic of “Track & Trace”. In comparison to other suppliers, scanware has continued to focus on blister controls and code reading and attaches great importance to the constant further development of existing solutions.

The compact two-dimensional code inspection SIGNUM was realised by scanware as a fully integrated system solution, which is ideally suited for the replacement of existing competitor systems, some of which have already been discontinued.

The space-saving evaluation unit of the code inspection SIGNUM consists of the 2D code reading heads as well as a stainless steel housing in which the panel PC, the power supply unit, the Ethernet switch and a PLC with shift register are installed. A connection for installations of up to five cameras has also been integrated, so that all necessary components are accommodated in the compact design. This enables simple and quick retrofitting of installed existing systems without great effort.

The SIGNUM two-dimensional code reading system can be used on all common cartoners, labellers, blister machines and tube fillers in the packaging industry. The intelligent cameras evaluate the codes with exceptionally high reading performance. In the event of incorrect identification, the integrated shift register provides the necessary signals to eject the packaging material, which has been evaluated as bad, from the packaging process.