Various Inspection Objects for the Inspection Systems

scanware fulfills a broad range of applications. Even the most complex challenges posed by a task are matched with a successful and user-friendly solution. From ampoules through hard-gel capsules with print to Track & Trace, scanware finds an answer to any question.

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Inspection of integrity as well as the ring code is included. Our solution: SIGNUM CL | SPECTRA 3D | PATERA Parenterals
Bulk Inspection EN
Bulk Inspection
The inspection of loose products is only possible with the help of special software. Our solution: SPECTRA CL | SPECTRA HR
Dragee EN
In the case of dragees, spalling often occurs, which is detected by high evaluation accuracy. Our solution: SPECTRA
Dry Powder EN
Dry Powder
Powder in very small quantities can be tested with developed algorithms. Our solution: 3D
Hard-gel capsule
For hard gelatine capsules, scanware offers a range of designated inspection parameters. Our solution: SPECTRA HR
Japan Quality EN
Japan Quality
High-resolution blister inspection is ideal for detecting even the smallest particles and minimal defects. Our solution:  SPECTRA HR
Medical Strip EN
Medical Strip
For medical strips, scanware inspects dosage as well as print. Our solution:  SPECTRA HR
Mehrschichttablette EN
Multi-Layered Tablet
Three-dimensional product inspection offers maximum safety for multi-layer tablets. Our solution:  SPECTRA 3D
Oblong EN
The recognition of high-standing oblongs is included in the software and increases productivity. Our solution: SPECTRA HR
Pflaster EN
For band-aids, scanware inspects the size as well as the print.
Spritze EN
The inspection of syringes according to various criteria is also possible. Our solutions: SIGNUM CL | Parenterals PATERA
Tablette EN
scanware offers inspection systems for any product / foil combination. Our solution: SPECTRA
Vial EN
For vials, the presence and colour of both the cap and the label are inspected. Our solution: SIGNUM CL
Weichgelatinekapsel EN
Soft-gel capsule
Products with high potential for reflections are also reliably detected. Our solution: SPECTRA



Barcode EN
scanware offers code reader with exact error analysis for all common codings. Our solution: SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC
Coding on pouch packaging, for example for instant soups, is inspected for quality assurance. Our solution: SIGNUM HR
DataMatrix EN
Visualisation, inspection and processing of DataMatrix or crypto code. Our solution: SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC) | Track & Trace
Klarschrift (OCV / OCR) EN
Plain Text (OCV /OCR)
Characters are inspected and traced with a track & trace solution. Our solution: SIGNUM HR | Track & Trace
Label EN
Labels with codes and plain text are checked or optimised within the framework of Track & Trace. Our solutions: SIGNUM HR | CAPA MV
Packmittelkontrolle EN
Packaging Identification
The product, package insert and folding box are assigned by identification inspections. Our solution: SIGNUM HR
Pharmacode EN
scanware offers code reading with exact error analysis for all common codes. Our solution:  SIGNUM 1 DC / 2 DC
Produkt mit Aufdruck EN
Product with Print
Testing the readability of prints on products. Our solution: SIGNUM HR
Ringcode EN
Ring Code
During the inspection of ring codes, the label is also examined. Our solution: SIGNUM CL | Parenterals PATERA
Sachets und Stickpacks
Sachets and Stickpacks
Coding is verified for packaging material verification. In addition, aluminium foil can be inspected for pores. Our solution: SIGNUM HR | FOCON



Alublister EN
Aluminium blister
Blisters are tested for pores and deformation. Our solution: SPECTRA 3D |  FOCON
Large foil area
The printing of entire foil widths is inspected at high speed. Our solution: SIGNUM HR
PVC Blister EN
PVC Blister
Deformations in filled PVC blisters are detected before sealing. Our solution: SPECTRA 3D
Lidding foil
The quality of sealing foil is inspected - at high speed even with wide foils. Our solution: FOCON



For aggregation, codes are inspected on bundles. Our solution: CAPA BI
Case EN
For aggregation, the codes on shipping boxes and bundles are inspected. Our solution: CAPA CI
Folding boxes
Prints on folding boxes are printed and verified. If necessary, a seal is applied. Our solution: CAPA MV | CAPA TE
Label (2) EN
Prints on labels are inspected and aggregated for traceability. Our solution: CAPA MB | SIGNUM HR
The aggregation of production data in the packaging process at pallet level. Our solution: CAPA MB
Tamper Evidence EN
Tamper Evidence
The tamper-proof sealing of folding boxes is achieved by means of strips or hot glue. Our solution: CAPA TE