Tamper Evidence

Precise to the millimetre when it comes to counterfeit protection and protection against tampering.
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Tamper Evidence - Primary Opening Protection of Pharmaceutical Packaging

At the CAPA TE station, folding boxes are sealed with tamper-proof labels.

Depending on the configuration, sensors are used to check the presence of the labels or camera heads of the SIGNUM HR print inspection system are used to inspect their position.

The processing and aggregation of serialised data is implemented by scanwares line manager IMPERA.


Highlights of the Tamper Evidence Station

  • Fully serialisable
  • Label reel change-over possible during operation
  • High positioning accuracy of the labels thanks to precise carton guidance and optimum use of sensors
  • Can be used for all common types of folding box closures
  • Modular design offers a wide range of functions and solutions
  • Possible add-on solution
  • Tool-free adaptation to folding box sizes
  • Operation from the front possible
  • Robust, mobile and ergonomic construction
  • High-quality standard components enable efficient spare parts supply


Application Areas with the Tamper Evidence System

Examinable objects:

  • Folding boxes

Inspection criteria:

  • Presence of labels
  • Position of labels

Optional inspection criteria:

  • Label printing (1D and 2D codes and plain text)


Optional Features for a Wide Range of Requirements

Due to its modular construction, the station can be equipped with various functions and can also be retrofitted. 

  • Position inspection: Camera heads and the SIGNUM HR system are used to check the exact position of the labels on the folding box.
  • Ejector: It is used to eject heavy folding boxes and sensitive products like glass bottles. It protects against knocks and blows.
  • Labelling from above: CAPA TE is constructed in such a way that labelling from above is also possible, as for example with Bollini. An additional label dispenser is installed for this purpose.
  • Label pre-winder: A label reel change is also possible without stopping production. The pre-winder is an ideal option to prevent a standstill caused by a reel change, especially on high-capacity lines.
  • Label Print and Print Inspection: CAPA TE can not only apply printed and unprinted labels, but can also print these labels and inspect them with the Print SIGNUM HR print inspection system. The integration of scanwares line manager IMPERA enables additional serialised and aggregated data to be processed.

The motors are brushless and therefore wear-free. The use of planetary gears ensures excellent power transmission. The housing is completely made of stainless steel. All components are standard parts and thus enable an efficient spare parts supply.


System Combination of Mark & Verify and Tamper Evidence for more Track & Trace Diversity

CAPA TE is the ideal add-on solution for existing Mark & Verify stations.
The station is suitable for the scanware station CAPA MV as well as for external systems.

The two stations can be easily installed next to each other, but can also be placed over a corner. In the latter case, the stations are connected by a conveyor belt. This allows docking at any line.


Features of the Track & Trace Combination CAPA MV & TE

In combination with CAPA MV & CAPA TE is operated via the Mark & Verify Station.
The visualisation takes place on the scanware GUI. It is characterised by a uniform structure across all scanware systems and simple operation.

The folding box is printed on the CAPA MV. It is very precise due to folding box guidance on both sides. The printers used are Wolke, REA, Bluhm and Domino. Other printer types, e.g. DoD, can also be implemented on request.

The product sensor controls the starting point of printing, camera recording, ejection and length measurement of the folding carton. Another sensor monitors the products in the good lane and, in addition to ejection counter-checking, also monitors jams


Long-life Hardware of excellent Quality

The station has been designed to allow complete operation from the front. There is no need for a cumbersome "walking around the machine". Furthermore, in combination with CAPA MV, the station ensures that the imprint is not smeared by the application of labels, as the necessary drying time of approx. 0.7 sec* is given, even at the highest machine speed.
Adjustment to the folding box size is possible without tools.

Digital position indicators allow reproducible settings.
A further sensor monitors the products in the good lane and thus takes over the ejection counter-check as well as the jam control.
When integrated into an existing line, the system can of course be linked to upstream and downstream machines.

Tamper Evidence Sealing
Labelling from the side is implemented as standard and is performed by the HERMA 400 labeller with a positioning accuracy of 0.5 mm. Labelling is designed for all standard closure patterns and can be adjusted without tools.
It is possible to apply the labels from above (e.g. Bollini).
On request, the station can be equipped with two label magazines. Reels can be changed in a short time without machine downtime. The use of clear, fluorescent labels is implemented as standard.

Units of up to 300 g are ejected via compressed air. For heavier units or fragile objects an ejection turnout is used which pushes faulty units on a conveyer. Thus they are protected against impacts and falling.

Label size

A,B = minimum 15 x 15 mm, maximum 50 x 40 mm

Maximum dimensions of the standard folding boxes

Length: 60-220 mm
Width: 15-220 mm
Height: 20-120 mm
Larger folding box heights are possible on request. Per minute 300 folding boxes with a transport distance of 50 mm can be checked.



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