Pore Detection

Optoelectronical detection of pinholes and microfissures on aluminium foil of up to 1,000 mm width. The system is available in sensitivities of 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 μm. Apart from the standard use with formed bottom foil, the inspection of lidding foil to establish its quality is increasingly more attractive.
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Inspection System for the Detection of Microfissures in Foils

With FOCON Pore Detection, pores and cracks in aluminium foil can be detected optoelectronically. The system is installed between the forming and the filling stations at a right angle to the travel direction of the foil.

Due to its internal fault monitoring capacities, FOCON is self-monitoring, continuously checking system integrity. All outputs are short-circuit protected and designed for failsafe operation.


Highlights of the Pore Detection Unit

  • Detection range from 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 µm.
  • Available in widths from 200 to 1,000 mm
  • Installation on new blister machines as well as upgrade on existing ones is possible without any problems
  • Multilingual display
  • Shift register optional
  • Reduced production rejects due to fill suppression and thus cost savings
  • Clearly arranged user panel with four function keys for programming and setting


Application Areas

  • Detection of pores and microfissures in aluminium bottom foil (formed or plane)
  • Detection of pores and microfissures in aluminium lidding foil

For the use on machinery without a guide surface, an adapted mechanics can be supplied to minimise external light influences. This enables the use on stickpack-machines.


Features of the FOCON Pore Detection Unit

If pores are present, a signal is given for fill suppression and ejection. The Pore Detection Unit can handle speeds of 1.5 m/s and therefore keeps pace with all common blister machines.

One or two zones for detection can be set according to the conditions at the packaging machine. The detection area is divided into two zones along the centre line of the film web. This enables a more differentiated separation of faulty and perfect blisters. At the same time, the production waste caused by tears and pores is minimised. With FOCON a considerable reduction in waste can be achieved.

The Pore Detection Unit is available in widths up to 1,000 mm.

With integrated shift register, FOCON works independently of the packaging machine. It carries out the error carry-over and can be easily programmed by the operating personnel.


Hardware of Pore Inspection of Bottom and Lid Foils

The Camera Link interface enables the low-interference data exchange of large data volumes. In addition, it enables significantly longer cable lengths compared to USB and FireWire. Due to the high performance of the evaluation unit, all parameters can be used simultaneously.

Dimensions of the available pore detection system

  A B C D E
FOCON 200 100-200 240 76,2 76,2 30
FOCON 250 200-250 290 76,2 76,2  30
FOCON 300 250-300 340 76,2 76,2  30
FOCON 350 300-350 390 76,2 76,2  30
FOCON 400 350-400 440 76,2 76,2  30
Dimensions up to 1000 mm possible / Dimensions in mm

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