Packaging Inspection

The inspection of primary packaging, such as parenteralia and foil, is subject to a variety of tests and controls to ensure the quality of products. Whether optoelectronic detection of pores and cracks or the inspection of various parenteral products for various test criteria - the PATERA range is designed to be more reliable, safe and user-friendly than ever before.
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  PATERA   Packaging Inspection


PATERA Parenteralia includes a wide range of evaluation types. The system can inspect a variety of objects for the most diverse inspection criteria. It is used for the inspection of packaging materials such as ampoules, vials and syringes on packaging and labelling machines in order to reject faulty products and to exclude the possibility of mixing with other products.

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Pore Detection Unit

The Pore Detection Unit FOCON is used for optoelectronic detection of pores and cracks in aluminium foil up to 1,000 mm wide. FOCON is installed between the forming and filling station at right angles to the running direction of the film web and is the perfect micro-crack detector.

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