Print Inspection

Universal print inspection. Simple operation, incredible reading speed.
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Grayscale Print Inspection with Colour Option

SIGNUM HR is a powerful greyscale system as a complete solution for inspection of the print (OCR/OCV) on packaging materials in the current packaging process. It is equipped with the recognition performance, the functional range and the ease of use of a modern image processing system.

The print inspection system developed by scanware is the first and currently only greyscale system that can be upgraded from colour processing to a colour print inspection system if required. With such an upgrade, the operation remains unchanged.

The high speed, integrated illumination and outstanding software make the system the best of its kind. 


Areas of Application with SIGNUM HR

Inspected are markings in the form of letters, numbers and graphics - such as
  • Company information
  • Product labelling
  • Logos, pictograms or symbols
  • 1D and 2D codes

Inspection criteria of the prints:

  • Presence
  • Completeness
  • Readability
  • Quality
Application areas:
  • Small field area, such as blister identification
  • In-line single blister printing, such as Late Stage Customisation
  • Full area foil printing
  • Sachet machines


Multiple Applications of OCR and OCV Print Inspection

Tablet Print

The SIGNUM HR optical character reader can also be used for printing on products such as tablets and capsules. The automatic rotary position detection is of particular importance here. This can also be done while simultaneously evaluating other product criteria such as colour and size.

Foil Printing

Through the combination of several cameras and the resulting high resolution, even complete film webs can be inspected, for example on stickpack machines.


Highlights of the SIGNUM HR Print Inspection System

  • Fast evaluation through intelligent drawing library
  • Automatic rotation position detection
  • Copy function for fast teach-in, if an evaluation type is checked at several points
  • Multi-camera system for the inspection of large print images
  • Automatic learning run
  • Error analysis in the format test
  • Joint shifting via master function
  • Individual masks can be moved

Due to the high computing power, up to 5,000 objects can be inspected. The reading windows can have different orientations.

Software for Excellent Print Inspection

The extensive software functions include

  • Serial error detection
  • Error image memory
  • Test run function for the set-up mode
  • Format test for diagnosis and optimisation of the evaluation results
  • Production statistics and batch-related order documentation

The OCV/OCR print inspection system is absolutely format-free. The procedure used by scanware is feature-based. The character to be inspected is analysed by means of features such as size and centre of gravity. 

The learning process is configurable and therefore particularly fast. It is preset which markings are to be inspected so that only these markings have to be taught in subsequently. A copy function of an evaluation type, for example a DataMatrix, which is checked at several points, increases the speed of the teach-in process. The user enters the number of copies, SIGNUM HR finds them in the reading area. Manual marking of the same evaluation types is not necessary.

In OCR mode, the system automatically recognises the positions of the characters.

The character library does not grow continuously, but the evaluation is always based on an intersection of feature parameters of the read variants. Thus the evaluation time is very short.

However, scanware does not use every single character read as a comparison, as this would either be at the expense of the evaluation time or the accuracy. Instead, SIGNUM HR calculates a virtual character from all read characters that are recognised as correct, which represents the average of all read variants. This means that only one comparison needs to be made for each character to check its correctness and legibility.

This character library is taught-in during the installation of scanware. Later changes can be made by the user. The character recognition in the learning run is automatic. In addition, automatic mask tracking is used, which compensates for deviations in the guidance of the object to be inspected. Up to six cameras ensure a full-surface inspection. The capacity can be expanded at any time.


Hardware of best Quality

The area scan cameras are equipped with integrated W-LED lighting. This is electronically controllable and can be stored in 16 brightness levels according to format. This ensures reproducible and homogeneous lighting.


Technical Data

Camera resolution 1,296 x 966 to 4,872 x 3,248 pixels
Number of cameras 1-6, depending on application
Reading speed 600 readings/minute with 224 characters
Reading window  
Codes max. 10
Lines of text max. 10
Logos and graphics max. 100
Characters in total up to 5,000

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