Mark & Verify

The specialist for marking and verification of product-specific data.
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Mark and Verify of Pharmaceutical Products

At the CAPA Mark & Verify station, folding boxes are printed with production-specific data and then checked to ensure successful serialisation

The processing and aggregation of serialised data is implemented by the IMPERA line manager.

With its combination of compact, robust construction and the proven SIGNUM HR print inspection system, the CAPA Track & Trace series is reliable and easy to use.

Coding is carried out in accordance with current international standards such as GS1, IFA, China E-Coding and others. Further coding standards can be added.


Highlights of the Mark & Verify Station

  • Fully serialisable
  • Support of GS1, IFA Coding, CIP 13, ITS, Bollino IPZS, Royal Vignette Belge and China E-Coding
  • Integration of common printing systems
  • High positioning accuracy of the print thanks to precise carton guidance and optimum use of sensors
  • Constant evaluation results independent of the number of taught-in character patterns
  • Adjustments to folding box sizes are made without tools
  • In-house development of control and print image monitoring
  • Modular, robust, mobile, ergonomic construction with high-quality standard components
  • Uniform user interface, comprehensible menu navigation and convenient data input


Application Areas for the Implementation of Serialisation Requirements in the Pharmaceutical Market

Examineable objects:

  • Folding Boxes

Inspection criteria:

  • 1D and 2D codes such as Code 128, DataMatrix and Crypto Code
  • Clear text such as batch number, expiry date, GTIN and serial number


User-friendly Software for Mark & Verify

With all systems, the overall machine control of all components is handled by a PLC. The visualisation takes place on the scanware GUI.

For the input of data to be printed, scanware has developed the One-Label concept. The integrated printer is not directly accessible for increased security. Print data is entered in the menu and transmitted to the printer. This is based on the One-Label concept, which is universally adaptable in character and line length and works with placeholders.

Data entry is also particularly convenient, as the user does not need to have any prior knowledge of coding standards. The raw data for coding is entered via a separate box or drop-down. The user can select separately how these are to be output in plain text. For example, it is possible to switch flexibly to American spelling of the expiry date.


Combinations of Various Systems for more Track & Trace Diversity

The CAPA MV station can be extended by the Tamper Evidence Station for labelling folding boxes. It is also possible as an add-on solution in cartoners and checkweighers.


Flexible Construction for the Most Varied Conditions

The system CAPA Mark & Verify is available in two different versions. Depending on the requirements, the station can be built with a fixed belt height or with an independently adjustable height between 800 - 1,050 mm. Other heights can be discussed on request.

Defective folding boxes weighing up to 300 g are ejected by blowing them out with compressed air. In the case of heavier units or sensitive objects, they are ejected via a pusher which pushes the folding cartons, which have been judged to be incorrect, onto a conveyor belt.

Adjustment to the required carton size is possible without tools.

The CAPA MV station has a modular construction in three parts. The lower part of the system stands on rollers and contains the electronics. In the middle part is the compressed air control. The upper part contains the display and printer.

The drives are realised with brushless and therefore wear-free motors. The use of planetary gears ensures excellent power transmission. The housing is completely made of stainless steel. All components are standard parts and thus enable an efficient spare parts supply.

All stations are equipped with an emergency stop and a signal lamp.

Sensor Technology for Optimum Inspection
The product sensor controls the starting point of printing, camera recording, ejection and length measurement of the folding box. The printing position on the folding box is variable and can be moved electronically. A further sensor monitors the products in the good track and thus performs the ejection counter-check.
If integrated into an existing line, it is of course possible to link up with pre-press and downstream equipment.

Folding Box Prints with Compatible Printing Solutions
Precise printing is guaranteed by folding box guides on both sides. The system is compatible with printers from Wolke, REA, Bluhm and Domino. Other printer types, such as DoD, can be implemented. Top printing is optional.


Maximum sizes of the standard folding box

Length = 60-220 mm

Width = 15-220 mm

Height = 20-120 mm

Larger folding box heights are possible on request. With a transport distance of 50 mm, up to 300 of these folding boxes can be checked per minute.

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