Level 3 Interfaces

The system series SPECTRA, SIGNUM, CAPA and PATERA belong to the level 1 systems. The line management system IMPERA, thus the level 2 system, combines all data of the level 1 systems. Various Level 3 interfaces are compatible with IMPERA.
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Line Manager as a Technical Actor

Based on the ISA-95 standard, the individual levels of the packaging line are described with a hierarchy model.

  • Level 1 – Device Level: Includes technical equipment such as optical inspection systems, track & trace systems, barcode printers or label printers
  • Level 2 – Line Level: Describes the line management system that combines all data from the Level 1 devices.
  • Level 3 – Plant Level: Refers to the site-wide systems that ensure data exchange with different lines, management and coordination of inventory data, product serialisation, product and order data.
  • Level 4 – Enterprise Level: Comprises the global data exchange between individual locations and is responsible for a wide range of business processes.
  • Level 5 – International Hub: Describes the connection to a superordinate network level such as a supervisory authority.


Level 3 Interfaces

  • scanware EPCIS
  • SAP
  • Arvato
  • Hicof
  • Atlantic Zeiser
  • Vimachem SSM
  • Werum
  • Prosaleks