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The all-round support of our systems for life does not only include our 24-hour service. In addition, scanware faces the challenges of the market and develops special solutions in close cooperation with producers. Each system is unique and tailored to the spatial conditions and wishes of our customers.
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Preventative System Maintenance for more Security and Transparency

Your production lines are equipped with scanware systems and you appreciate the reliability and durability of the inspection systems. The perfect interaction of all interfaces and machine components along your entire line and the entire packaging process are the basis of our quality level. To ensure that our systems run at the highest level in your company and that you can take advantage of all scanware benefits, we now offer you a service package for preventive system maintenance which will increase your production efficiency right from the start.

Everything from a single source: project planning, development, production, services, system training and preventive system maintenance - scanware is there for you right from the start.



System maintenance and checking is performed on the scanware vision systems in use at the customer site. It is performed by our first-class qualified technical customer service team and documented with a test badge on your system.


Customer benefits

  • Production losses and downtimes are reduced to a minimum, thus increasing the availability of your production facilities.
  • Data integrity is ensured, guaranteeing the protection, quality and reliability of your database.
  • The reliability of scanware inspection systems is increased so that nothing stands in the way of your production.
  • The life expectancy of your systems increases through regular maintenance.
  • Maintenance times and costs become calculable for you.
  • Through regular visits to your company, an exchange of knowledge between technicians and users takes place.
  • Your employees will be able to operate the systems optimally through regular exchange.
  • Customer employees will always be up-to-date..



Hardware Check, for example:  

  • Check the function of front light, back light and polarising filter.
  • Check and clean of dust filter.
  • Inspection of the evaluation unit and the plug-in cards. Cleaning if necessary.

Software Check, for example: 

  • Backup of all formats, system settings, users and user roles.
  • System cleaning by deletion of obsolete formats.
  • Checking of memory disc / device (Solid State Disc).

Service, for example: 

  • Feedback on maintenance work.
  • Tips and brief instructions for system maintenance work be to be carried out by the system owner.
  • Information on the newest software features and possible system improvements.


Additional Training - 15% discount once a year with CURA!

As your contact person for the inspection systems on your production line, we would of course also like to provide you personally with our know-how via system training.
The training sessions can be performed at your or our offices. Each training is adapted to the exact needs of the participants, so that we can give you the desired knowledge from rough to the finest handling.
By improving the technical skills of your employees, you will be able to optimise your work processes and react as quickly as possible.

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