Long lifetime thanks to the highest quality

The quality of our systems is of utmost importance to us. In order to maintain our high standard, the development and choice of software and hardware go hand in hand. scanware fits packaging machinery at every step of the process. Thanks to the uniform menu, the systems are always user-friendly and easy-to-use.
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Hardware   |   Software
Operating System

The use of the hard real-time operating system QNX® minimises system failure. It is often used in life-sustaining technology and aerospace environments due to the high security level. Data exchange occurs within splits of a second and no UPS is needed. Furthermore, computer viruses are highly unlikely.

Operating Menu

All scanware systems are operated in the same, uniform menu. This enables the user to handle any system intuitively. The menu structure is self-explanatory – the user needs no prior knowledge but can start working after a short introduction. The handling via the TFT screen offers high convenience for the user. The large keys on the virtual keyboard facilitate fast data input.

Automatic Teach-in

The automated teach-in speeds up the process so production can start quickly. Object positions, blister geometry as well as product colour and code position and orientation are recognised respectively. Manual teach-in is also possible.

Evaluation Statistics

Elaborate statistical options enable the producer to optimise the production and lower reject figures. Among these are lane and pocket feeding statistics, lane view, recognition of cellotape and automatic mask tracking which offsets irregularities in foil transportation.

Diagnosis Deluxe

The error diagnosis views precisely which criterion is violated with every erroneous object. Moreover, using repeat teach-in, criteria like product size and colour can be retaught to optimise evaluation. Depending on the software package, error images can be saved and format tests executed.

Ideal Illumination Setting

Illumination settings are determined within the software environment. All settings can be saved for each format. Depending on project requirements, the object can be inspected at two illumination levels simultaneously.