Spot-on. Printing and labelling with pinpoint precision.

The systems of the product family CAPA are designed for the packaging process in regard to Track & Trace requirements. Single and multiple units are marked or labeled and verified. The processing of serialised data is handled by scanware's line manager IMPERA.
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    Track & Trace Solutions
Mark & Verify

Folding boxes are marked with production-specific data and the print is verified.

The station is available with a fixed box feeding height or an adjustable height. It ranges from 800 – 1,050 mm. Other heights upon request.

Units of up to 300 g are ejected via compressed air. For heavier units or fragile objects, an ejection turnout is used which pushes units with faulty print on a conveyer.
Tool-free adjustment to individual folding box size is possible.

The product sensor triggers printer, camera shot, ejection and length measurement of the box. The print position on the box is variable and can be adjusted electronically. Another sensor monitors the good product lane in order to verify rejection.
When integrated into an existing line linkage to the machines before and after is possible.

Precise printing due to folding box guidance from both sides. Compatible to printers by Wolke, REA, Bluhm and Domino. Other printers, e.g. DoD can be implemented upon request. Printing on top of box optional.

The station CAPA MV can be extended by our tamper evidence station CAPA TE for tamper-proof sealing of folded boxes. It is also available as installation in cartoners and checkweighers.

Maximal standard sizes of folding boxes:
Leangth = 60-220 mm, Width = 15-220 mm, Height = 20 – 120 mm
Larger boxes possible on request.
300 folding boxes per minute with a transport interval of 50 mm can be processed.

Area of Application
Applicable Objects:
  • Folding boxes
Inspection Criteria:
  • 1D and 2D-Codes e.g. Code 128 and DataMatrix
  • Plain text such as lot, expiry date, GTIN and serial numbers

The station possess a modular built. The wheeled bottom part contains electronics, the middle part holds the compressed air unit and the top contains display and printer.

The drive is realised with brushless and, consequently, wear-free motors. The utilisation of planetary gear enables optimal power transmission. The complete housing consists of stainless steel. All components are standardized parts which guarantees an efficient supply of spare parts.

All units are equipped with an emergency shutdown and a signal light.

Machine control of all components is performed by a PLC. Visualisation of all components occurs in standard scanware GUI.

The combination of compact, robust construction and the established print inspection system SIGNUM HR makes the Track & Trace family CAPA a reliable and easy to handle solution.
The systems support major international coding standards currently established such as GS1, IFA, China E-Coding etc. and further codes can be implemented.


Data Input
For filling in the data to be printed, scanware has developed the One-Label concept. The printer is incorporated in the unit and is not immediately reachable for added security. Data to be printed is entered in the menu and transmitted to the printer. The basis for this is the universal One-Label which offers variable numbers of characters and lines, using wildcards for maximum flexibility.

The entering of data is made even more comfortable since the user needs no prior knowledge of coding standards. The input of raw data takes place in separate fields or drop-down menus. The layout of the characters in print is chosen in another field. For example, the user can choose US-style layout of the expiry date in the corresponding window.

The processing and aggregation of serialised data is handled by scanware's line manager IMPERA.
  • Wheeled, modular, robust, ergonomic construction with high quality, normed parts
  • Tool-free adjustment to folding box sizes
  • Supports serialisation and aggregation
  • In-house development of control and print inspection system
  • Uniform graphical interface, easy to follow menu and comfortable data input
  • Supports GS1, IFA, CIP 13, ITS, Bollino IPZS, Royal Vignette Belge and China E-Coding
  • Stable evaluation results independent of the number of previous inspections
  • Integration of major printer systems
  • High precision of print thanks to precise folding box guidance and clever use of sensors

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