Supreme colour separation.

The scanware Product Inspections provide an application for every task – whether black and white, colour, high resolution or in 3D. All systems are tailored to project-specific requirements and offer highest security with simple handling. The illumination adjustment enables the inspection of various product-foil combinations at highest reliability.
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3D Product Inspection

SPECTRA 3D is a high-resolution, laser-based image processing system for the inspection of the geometry of packaging material and products to detect distortions, dents and other defects.

Operation Mode
The geometry of the inspected object is illuminated by a laser. The resulting image is captured by a high-resolution 3D line camera. The image is processed, digitalised and evaluated.

Area of Application
Applicable Objects:
  • Tablets
  • Oblongs
  • Hard- and soft gel capsules
  • Dry powder
  • Aluminium blisters
  • PVC blisters after filling
  • Multi-layered tablets
Inspection Criteria:
  • Presence
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Perimeter
  • Position
  • Broken product
  • Overfilling
  • Consecutive errors
  • Geometry
  • Volume

SPECTRA 3D enables the safe inspection in the following cases:

  • Double filling, both stacked and next to each other
  • Broken products next to and underneath the product
  • Capped multi-layered tablets
  • Low-contrast environments such as grey tablet in aluminium blister
  • Powder in minimal dosage

SPECTRA 3D is particularly useful in low-contrast cases and with fragile products. Since both geometry and volume of the product are evaluated, the system offers great advantages compared to two-dimensional inspection.

SPECTRA 3D can be combined with any vision system of the latest generation and operated via a single touch screen interface. This simplifies the use and saves space. In most cases, the system can be equipped with additional hard- and software options.


The system is available in two designs.

One version is the two-stage combination with SPECTRA HR. Furthermore, a slim design including colour inspection and a line illumination unit will be available which enables the use of SPECTRA 3D with limited installation space.

Evaluation unit 19 inch built, 42 TE
Industry PC for frame grabber Compact PCI Bus Interface
Wide range power supply 95-230 V ~
Standard I/O System DIO8/16/32/48/64
Expanded I/O System TCP/IP, EtherCAT, Integrated PLC
Interfaces 2 x COM, 3 x USB, 2 x Ethernet, VGA/HDMI
Hard drive 16 GB SSD
Frame grabber scanware,
for matrix and line camera BW/Colour
Multiplexer scanware,
for up to 15 cameras

The software of SPECTRA 3D includes numerous highlights such as the display of format parameters and documentation. Reference and error images are analysed and product-specific tolerances are set. Also, mask administration can be managed by the user.

Colour view of evaluation. Every colour represents a height level; red stands for low levels, blue for higher levels.

3D view of the evaluation. This can be angled using the arrows to achieve the ideal product view.

Evaluation of powder. By adapting the standard solids 3D algorithm, the volume calculation is very precise.

3D evaluation of a sealed blister for the recognition of sealing area and pockets.

Further Application Options
The height level recognition of SPECTRA 3D can also be used to inspect braille, ampoules and folding box support.
Technical Data

Laser technology

  • Laser class 1 (Normal operation)
  • Wavelength 660 nm
  • Fan angle 30°


  • Line camera
  • Sensor size 1,536 × 512 pixels
SPECTRA 3D 3D Colour
Camera technology 3D camera 3D camera
Camera port Camera Link GigE
Camera resolution 1,536 pixels per line 4 × 1536 pixels per line
Max. pictures per minute 900 (at 1,000 lines) 360 (at 1,000 lines)
Colour resolution - 256,000
Height resolution 0.1 mm
128 greyscale height
0.1 mm
128 greyscale height
Objects per image 224 224
Format storage >1,000 >1,000
Number of cameras 1-3 1

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