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The Code Inspection systems of the SIGNUM family enable the examination of ring codes, barcodes and 2D codes such as Datamatrix. Furthermore, large scale prints can be inspected including powerful OCR. The evaluation offers a precise error analysis and functionalities that enable the optimisation of the readings. SIGNUM – fast, simple, powerful for codes.
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    Code Inspection
Print Inspection (OCR/OCV)

SIGNUM HR is a highly efficient greyscale vision system and the complete solution for 100% optical inspection of print including characters (OCR/OCV) on packaging materials during the packaging process. It offers recognition capacity, operating features and operator comfort that so far have been known only from most up-to-date vision systems.

The high reading speed, integrated illumination and outstanding software make the system the best of its kind.

Area of Application
Inspection of presence, completeness, readability and quality of prints such as:
  • Company information
  • Product data
  • Logos, pictograms or symbols
  • Barcodes and 2D-Codes, i. e. DataMatrix
Use for:
  • Small area recognition e.g. blister identification
  • In-line single blister printing e.g. Late Stage Customisation
  • Large area foil inspection
  • Sachet and stick-pack machinery
  • Fast evaluation of data due to smart unicode library
  • Automatic recognition of character orientation
  • Copy of Evaluation Type feature for fast teach-in if object is to be inspected at different locations.
  • Multiple camera systems for inspection of large area prints available
  • Automatic teach-in

The OCV/OCR camera system is fully format-independent. scanware has chosen a feature-based recognition process. The object to be inspected is analysed based on features such as size and centre of gravity.
However, not each individual previous reading is taken as a reference value since this is an approach that is either time-consuming or lacks precision. Rather, SIGNUM HR creates a virtual character from all readings that were marked correct. Thus, the virtual character depicts the average value of all previous readings. Ultimately, for each sign, only a single evaluation occurs to establish correctness and readability.

This library of virtual signs is taught at installation by scanware. Subsequent changes can be made by the user. During the self-teaching mode, the characters to be inspected are detected automatically. In production, an automated tracking feature ensures that the format mask is in the correct reading position at all times. Up to three cameras ensure 100 % inspection of the relevant area. That capacity can be further increased in the future.

The vision system’s high computing power allows the verification of up to 5,000 characters. The individual areas may have different orientations.


The matrix cameras are equipped with integrated W-LED illumination. This is electronically adjustable in 16 illumination levels, settings of which can be saved for each format. This guarantees reproducible and homogenous lighting for the inspection at hand.

SIGNUM HR is the first and so far the only B&W vision system that can easily be upgraded to colour inspection.


The extensive software features include the following: Consecutive error recognition, memory for error images, trial runs for formats, diagnosis and optimization of features in trial run, production statistics as well as a batch-based order documentation.

The teach-in can be configurated and consequently is very fast. Firstly, the print type to be inspected is chosen. Thereafter, only the parameters relevant to the type of print need to be taught.

In OCR mode, the system automatically recognises the position of the text.

The unicode library does not grow continuously which would slow down evaluation. Instead, evaluation is based on an intersection of parameters of the previously read variants. Thus, the evaluation speed is uniformly fast.

When an evaulation type, for example a DataMatrix, is inspected at different locations within an image, it is copied during teach-in rather than each item taught individually. The user enters the number of copies expected within the image and SIGNUM HR locates the copies.

Further Application Options

Tablet Print

The print inspection SIGNUM HR can also be used on prints on products such as tablets, and capsules. The automatic detection of orientation is of particular importance in this field of application. The print inspection can occur simultaneously with product inspection of criteria like colour and size.

Large Area Foil Inspection

Combining multiple cameras results in a very high image resolution which enables the inspection of complete foils such as on sachet and stick-pack machines.

Technical Data
Camera resolution 1,296 x 966 to 4,872 x 3,248 pixels
Number of cameras 1-6, depending on application
Reading speed 600 readings/minute for 224 characters
Inspection areas for  
Codes max. 10
Text lines max. 10
Logos and graphics max. 100
Characters up to 5,000

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