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The Code Inspection systems of the SIGNUM family enable the examination of ring codes, barcodes and 2D codes such as Datamatrix. Furthermore, large scale prints can be inspected including powerful OCR. The evaluation offers a precise error analysis and functionalities that enable the optimisation of the readings. SIGNUM – fast, simple, powerful for codes.
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Ring Code Inspection

SIGNUM CL is a high-resolution colour vision system for inspection of colour codes on ampoules, vials and syringes. Installed on packaging lines, the system detects deficient products and prevents cross-contamination. The system can be used for both single ampoule inspection and inspection of multiple and different products in blisters or trays.

Area of Application
Applicable Objects:
  • Inspection of ampoules and vials
  • Inspection of multiple items in blister or tray
  • Single product inspection on labelling machines
Inspection Criteria:
  • Ampoules: Number of colour rings, ring colours, ring sequence, width, distance between rings, gaps and overall length of all rings
  • Vials: Presence and colour of cap
  • At the same time, the presence and colour of the label is inspected
  • Real colour recognition for optimum results
  • Inspection of ringcode and label in one single step
  • Electronically controllable scanware W-LED illumination for reproducible light conditions
  • Two illumination levels can be evaluated in immediate succession

SIGNUM CL offers real colour evaluation for the inspection of up to 9600 products per minute. Up to 80 units per package with up to four different product types can be inspected. Up to seven parameters, each taught specifically and individually, can be used in one inspection step. Per ampoule, up to six rings can be verified.

The combination of illumination, usability and high quality hardware establish a powerful inspection system. The use of white LED offers long-life, wear-free, homogenous illumination. The guided menu structure is easy-to-follow and user-friendly. Evaluation unit, camera and operating system facilitate highspeed evaluation.


Using real colour recognition, the number of distinct colours is unlimited.

Due to the high recognition power of the scanware evaluation unit in combination with the real-time operating system QNX©, the evaluation at two different illumination levels in close succession is possible. Thus, illumination can be optimised for ring code and label separately. The illumination with white LED is controlled electronically, thus enabling constant, reproducible, homogenous optical surroundings.

Evaluation unit 19 inch built, 42 TE
Industry PC for frame grabber Compact PCI Bus Interface
Wide range power supply 95-230 V ~
Standard I/O System DIO8/16/32/48/64
Erweitertes I/O System TCP/IP, EtherCAT, Integrierte SPS
Interfaces 2 x COM, 3 x USB, 2 x Ethernet, VGA/HDMI
Festplatte 16 GB SSD
Frame grabber scanware,
for matrix and line cameras in BW and colour
Multiplexer scanware,
for up to 15 cameras
Illumination scanware,
with up to 3,000 LEDs per unit
Illumination adjustment scanware,
2 x 16 levels
Illuminant Nichia LED
Illumination types Top light, back light, side light, diffuse light

The SIGNUM CL software has the same overall structure all scanware systems share. This reduces training times for users. Discover real colour recognition instead of smart camera for perfect ring code inspection.

Some of our extraordinary software features:
  • Specialised algorithms for ring code recognition
  • Re-teaching of ring colours and sizes possible
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail
  • Easy-to-follow, guided user menu

The guided teach-in is particularly easy to follow. The inspection areas for individual criterions can be defined individually. Using test runs and format testing, the evaluation can be checked.

The necks of ampoules are taught. The contrast can be optimised by using colour filters.

For the inspection of labels, a designated illumination setting can be chosen independent of the ring code inspection.
The evaluation of vials and ampoules within the same tray is possible.


The partial teach-in enables the user to change ring colours at a later stage. Particularly with ampoules, varieties in colour due to production environments occur frequently.

In this case, it is not necessary to undertake a full format teach-in. Instead, error images of ampoules of a new batch can be used to add the colours to the product colour definition. Afterwards, the ring codes on these products are recognised as correct.

Technical Data
Camera technology 1CCD or 3CCD, JAI / SONY
Camera resolution 1,024 x 768 to 4,096 x 768 pixels
Colour resolution 16 million colours
Max. products per package 80
Number of different products per package 4
Inspection criteria per product up to 6 + label
Format storage >1,000
Number of cameras 1-3
Evaluation speed up to 9,600 units / minute

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