Track & Trace

The systems of the CAPA series are constructed for the packaging process within track & trace applications. Individual units and packaging groups are provided with labels and these are validated. The processing and aggregation of serialised data is implemented by scanwares line manager IMPERA.
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  CAPA   Track & Trace

Mark & Verify

Folding boxes are printed with production-specific data and the print is checked.

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Case Inspection

At the CAPA CI station, print images of folding boxes, bundles and shipping boxes are inspected and compared with database entries.

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Tamper Evidence

The CAPA TE station is used to seal folding boxes with tamper-proof labels that guarantee first opening protection.

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Bundle Inspection

The CAPA BI station inspects folding cartons that have been collated into a bundle. An inspection of individual folding boxes is also possible.

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Mobile Base Station

The CAPA Mobile Base Station can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines without significant changes and is used for manual aggregation of case and pallet as well as rework application.

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