Colour Product and Blister Inspection

Our market standard is the ideal solution and can be upgraded for special applications.
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Colour Blister Inspection for the Pharmaceutical Industry

SPECTRA CL is the inspection system for the detection of colour, undermixing, size, position, fragments and overfilling of various test objects in the pharmaceutical industry. It is the ideal solution for standard inspection tasks on production lines and can also be upgraded for special applications. The adjustable illumination and sophisticated software offer far more than other standard inspection systems. The SPECTRA CL colour blister inspection system is not available to others.


Highlights of the SPECTRA CL Colour Inspection System

  • Outstanding speed and comprehensive analysis options
    All parameters can be applied simultaneously - at the same high speed
  • The illumination is homogeneous, reproducible and adjustable.
  • Best hardware and comprehensive software package based on the QNX® real-time operating system
  • If requirements increase, the system can be expanded to SPECTRA HR at any time to also inspect special applications


Application Areas of Colour Blister Inspection 

Examinable objects:
  • Tablets
  • Oblongs
  • Dragees
  • Hard and soft gel capsules
Inspection criteria:
  • Colour
  • Presence
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Perimeter
  • Position
  • Fragments
  • Overfilling
  • Surface defects
  • Serial defects


Colour Vision System with Fastest Signal Processing and High Reliability

The use of the QNX® real-time operating system enables the fastest signal processing and high reliability.

Safety is increased by full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance - all format versions are stored separately. The image memory works with 10 images, on the basis of which an individual system suggestion for parameter limits is automatically generated. This offers higher security and easier operation compared to standard limits that can be adjusted by the user.

The modular design allows for expansion to meet future, increasing requirements. The system is thus future-proof.


Excellent Software Features for Colour Blister Inspection

All functions can be used simultaneously without any loss of speed. SPECTRA CL includes unique software features such as:

  • Production and format documentation
  • Configurable machine stops in case of overfilling, position error, serial error etc.
  • Partial teach-in for product size, product colour and background colour for teaching batch-related differences
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail
  • Easy to understand menu-driven operation

The automation of the teach-in process simplifies teach-in and enables a quick start to production. Object positions, blister geometries and product colors are detected automatically. A manual teach-in is also possible.

Lane and pocket-related filling statistics to optimize production and analyze errors in the feeder. The visualization of the statistics makes the detection of serial errors particularly easy.

Cup-specific deviation values are displayed in the format test. These allow the exact analysis of faulty products.

Parameter limits can be set globally by the administrator, so that the operator can only make adjustments within these limits. This increases production reliability.


Illumination Regulation

scanware offers standardized designs of illumination units for every application. Transmitted, side and incident light can be combined with each other. The illumination is equipped with LEDs and offers a long service life with constant brightness.

A simple measurement line is used to set the optimum illumination level. Each illumination unit can be adjusted in 16 levels, which allows the optimal contrast to the background to be created. The light settings are stored in the format and are therefore always reproducible.


Hardware made of best Quality

The Camera Link interface enables the low-interference data exchange of large data volumes. In addition, it enables significantly longer cable lengths compared to USB and FireWire.
Due to the high performance of the evaluation unit, all parameters can be used simultaneously.

Evaluation unit 19 inch built, 42 TE
Industry PC for frame grabber Compact PCI Bus Interface
Wide range power supply 95-230 V ~
Standard I/O System DIO8/16/32/48/64
Interfaces 2 x COM, 3 x USB, 2 x Ethernet, VGA/HDMI
Hard drive 16 GB SSD
Frame grabber scanware,
for matrix and line cameras in BW and colour
Illumination scanware,
with up to 3,000 LEDs per unit
Illumination adjustment scanware,
2 x 16 levels
Illuminant Nichia LED
Illumination types Top light, back light, side light, diffuse light


Technical Data

Camera technology 1CCD, Bayer
Camera interface Camera Link
Camera resolution 1,024 × 768 pxl
Max. number of pictures per minute 1,200
Colour resolution 256,000 colours
Objects per image 224
Format storage >1,000
Number of cameras 1

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