Black and White Product and Blister Inspection

 The classic. Simple operation, reliable, infinitely variable. 
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Black and White Blister Inspection with Option for Colour Identification

The SPECTRA BW inspects a number of product-specific criteria of pharmaceutical products - for example, presence, position and shape as well as overfill and fragments. The black-and-white system is a cost-effective solution for production lines in the pharmaceutical industry where undermixing can be ruled out due to technical conditions, as is the case with monolines. Software and hardware can be upgraded to Colour Blister Inspection for colour detection at any time.


Highlights of scnwares Black and White Blister Inspection

  • Excellent speed and outstanding analysis capabilities
  • All parameters can be used simultaneously - with the same speed
  • The illumination is homogeneous, reproducible and controllable
  • The system can be extended to SPECTRA CL at any time if colour recognition is required


Application Areas of Blister Inspection for Black and White Products

Examinable objects:
  • Tablets
  • Oblongs
  • Dragees
  • Hard and soft gel capsules
Inspection criteria:
  • Presence
  • Size
  • Form
  • Perimeter
  • Position
  • Fragments
  • Overfilling
  • Surface defects


Various Application Possibilities of the SPECTRA BW Blister Inspection System

Inspection of E-Cigarettes

SPECTRA BW can also be used to inspect the position of e-cigarettes. By teaching two products, the position of the product can be determined by teaching the screwing area and the cartridge separately.

Bottle Inspection

During the forming of plastic bottles SPECTRA BW checks the correct edges at the bottle opening and the seam at the bottom of the bottle. The flexible form is cut off at both ends. Several cameras are used to check the cut edges before filling.

Pouch Position Inspection

When filling pouches with powder, spillage and incorrectly sealed pouches occur due to inclined positions. Here, the transfer of incorrect pouches into the distribution chain can be prevented by using SPECTRA BW. The camera checks the position of the pouch during filling and triggers an ejection as soon as the pouch seat has a too big inclination.

Refill Inspection

In the case of monolines, the ejection can be reduced by means of a replenishment inspection. SPECTRA BW supplies cup-related data so that empty cups can be filled in a targeted manner before the blister reaches the sealing station.


Maximum Security and Speed Thanks to QNX® Real-Time Operating System and 21 CFR Part 11 Conformity

The use of the QNX® real-time operating system enables the fastest signal processing and high reliability. The modular design enables expansion to meet future, increasing requirements and colour control. Thus the system is future-proof. Operation after an upgrade follows scanware's own menu structure so that no new training is required.

The system is fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, which means that format versions are stored separately. The image memory works with 10 images, based on which an individual system suggestion for parameter limits is automatically created. This offers higher security and easier operation compared to standard limits that have to be adjusted by the user. An automatic learning run can be optionally selected. 

Full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11: automated logout, automated password change as well as version-specific storage of formats ensure maximum security in the packaging process.


Software of the b/w Blister Inspection for ease of Use and Reliability

The classic of our blister inspection systems offers a range of software features that increase both operating convenience and safety. The user is guided in a targeted manner. The basic structure is the same for all scanware systems, so that no further training is necessary when changing systems. Outstanding software features, such as:
  • Configurable machine stops in case of overfilling, position error, serial error etc.
  • Partial teach-in for product size and grey scales
  • Comprehensive audit trail

The teach-in offers an automatic parameter determination. On the basis of the recorded images and error images, the system calculates a concrete proposal which the user can adapt as required.

A simple measuring line is used to adapt the lighting to the product and foil. The determined values are stored in the format and are therefore always reproducible.

The production statistics running along with the system provide an evaluation of both the number of ejected products and the reason for ejection and its frequency. In addition, the visualization of the previous results enables the quick detection of serial defects.


High-Quality Hardware

The Camera Link interface enables the low-interference data exchange of large data volumes. In addition, it enables significantly longer cable lengths compared to USB and FireWire. Due to the high performance of the evaluation unit, all parameters can be used simultaneously.

Evaluation unit 19 inch built, 42 TE
Industry PC for frame grabber Compact PCI Bus Interface
Wide range power supply 95-230 V ~
Standard I/O Systems DIO8/16/32/48/64
Interfaces 2 x COM, 3 x USB, 2 x Ethernet, VGA/HDMI
Hard drive 16 GB SSD
Frame grabber scanware,
for black and white matrix camera
Multiplexer scanware,
for up to 6 cameras
Illumination scanware,
with up to 3,000 LEDs per unit
Illumination adjustment scanware,
2 x 16 levels
Illuminant Nichia LED
Illumination types Top light, back light, side light, diffuse light

Technical Data

Camera technology 1CCD, JAI/Sony
Camera interface Camera Link
Camera resolution 1,296 x 966 Pxl
Max. number of pictures per minute 1,200
Colour resolution 256 greyscales
Objects per image 224
Format storage >1,000
Number of cameras 1-6

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