Blister & Product Inspection

The scanware systems for optical product and blister inspection of pharmaceutical products offer a reliable solution for every application. Whether black and white, colour or 3D inspection, whether tablet, cup, capsule, powder or oblong, whether size, fragments or multilayer defects: all inspection systems are tailor-made for your requirements. Blister inspection from scanware - highest safety and easy operation..
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  SPECTRA   Blister & Product Inspection

Black & White Blister Inspection

The SPECTRA BW optical inspection system for black and white product inspection: the classic. Simple operation, reliable, infinitely variable. The optimal system, for example for blister inspection of white tablets or other pharmaceuticals as well as for inspection of e-cigarettes or pouch position inspection.

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Colour Blister Inspection 

SPECTRA CL is the ideal inspection system for colour blister inspection to detect underfilling, size, position, fragments and overfilling. SPECTRA BW in its basic version is constructed to solve standard inspection tasks, but can be upgraded for special applications.

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High-Resolution Blister Inspection

SPECTRA HR for high-resolution blister inspection is the ideal inspection system for quality control in the pharmaceutical sector. The controllability of the illumination and the guided learning run make the system adaptable for almost all product-foil combinations and blister geometries.

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3D Blister Inspection

SPECTRA 3D is a high-resolution, laser-supported image processing system for Inspection of the geometry of foil and product for unwanted deformations of any kind, such as pressure marks, bulges or chipping. Typical applications in the pharmaceutical industry are for example multilayer tablets, plastic buttons after filling or capsules and powder preparations.

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