Serialisation and Aggregation

The Track & Trace solutions in combination with the line management IMPERA are the optimal solution for the serialisation and aggregation of pharmaceutical products. scanware implements every country-specific requirement with these systems and thus guarantees traceability.
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Track & Trace is no Challenge for IMPERA

Internationally active pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers face the challenge of making their packaging process as transparent as possible for the traceability of medicines. A packaging process with continuous serialisation and aggregation across all packaging units with the IMPERA line management system offers full transparency and protection against counterfeiting.

The Track & Trace CAPA series records the data for traceability. IMPERA then evaluates this data and visualises the links. 


Serialisation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In order to ensure patient safety, complete transparency and traceability, medicines in many countries must be labelled with a unique identifier. Serialisation requirements vary greatly from country to country.

The unique identifiers are implemented by variable data that characterise the respective products.


The Aggregation of Pharmaceutical Products

Aggregation serves the customer-oriented mapping of the aggregation process as well as the product-related visual support of the packaging process. In this process, each participant in the supply chain adopts the previous information from the forerunner and supplements it with their own data.

The aggregation can take place at different points of the packaging process. Various modules are available for this purpose:

Fully automated aggregationn

  • Primary packaging (e.g. blisters) into folding boxes
  • Folding cartons in packs such as bundles or display boxes
  • Shipper boxes
  • Shipper boxes onto a pallet.

Semi-automatic aggregation

  • Folding boxes in packs such as bundles or display boxes
  • Shipper boxes

Manual aggregation 

  • Folding boxes in packs such as bundles or display boxes.
  • Packs in shipping boxes
  • Shipping boxes onto a pallet


Rework on Error Report

The rework module is adapted to the customer's specific work processes. Herewith data-related packaging material states can be analysed and changed. Deaggregations and sampling are part of the functional scope, as is the possibility of returning products to the production process.